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    Galaxy tab or Xoom.....?

    So heres the scoop....i am goin to buy a tab either today or tomorrow. Im torn between the xoom and the tab. I dont mind the price....but its tough for me to decide. I like the galaxy tab because we can hack it and customize it. Thats the main reason i still consider the galaxy tab. Do you...
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    Another telechips running tablet!

    Hey guys, just wanted to let you all know the WooW Digital i-7u runs the Telechips 8902 processor at 720Mhz. if you want to see their website. Speaking of such a tablet...I own one and am wondering if anyone else here has one or knows how I can overclock this bad boy just...
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    Archos......which one?

    Hey guys! Im glad to be a new member here. I currently own a Woow Digital i-7u. Im somewhat satisfied....but I really want something a little better and less buggy. I had my eye on some Archos tablets but haven't found much feedback to them. I liked the look of the 7 inch Archos 70 tablet...