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    How to Convert/Transfer iTunes movies to Nook HD/HD+ Tablet

    How to play DVD movies on Nook HD/HD+ Tablet? This article shows you the easiest way to convert DVD to Nook HD/HD+ Tablet supported video formats so that you can watch latest DVD movies on Barnes & Noble Nook tablets with HD quality. The Nook HD's 1,440x900-pixel resolution with its 243...
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    Best DVD to Android Converter Review - Play DVD movies on your Android Devices Freely

    Get Summer Break Special Offer- Up to 55% off promo from Pavtube Facebook 2013 Summer Holiday Sale- Get Up to 50% off Coupon from Pavtube Summer Holiday Biggest Discount-Best Blu-ray Ripper 30% off Get 20% OFF Ultimate Video Converter at Summer Sale Coupon Code Unique Crazy Summer Sale 2013-Top...
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    How to Convert/Transfer iTunes movies to Nook HD/HD+ Tablet

    Summer Holiday Crazy Promotion-Save 20% to enjoy HD video/BD/DVD on Android Tablet/iPad Summer Break is starting now. It's time to have fun: hanging out with friends, spending some quality time with family members, enjoying personal space alone. No matter whom you are with or where you are...
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    Best DVD to Android Converter Review - Play DVD movies on your Android Devices Freely

    Breaking News! You may just want to Give Dad Something Useful to celebrate Father's day. What's the gift you have selected for your father? Still have no idea? If your father is a super movie lover. Pavtube Software will be your good choice. Especially,during the Father's day promotion you...
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    How to Convert/Transfer iTunes movies to Nook HD/HD+ Tablet

    What is DRM? Top 1 DRM removal software Review From Wikipedia, Digital rights management (DRM) is a class of access control technologies that are used by hardware manufacturers, publishers, copyright holders and individuals with the intent to limit the use of digital content and devices after...
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    volume very low

    If you use Pavtube DVD Ripper to do the job you can get volume up by 400% - that would fix the problem.
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    dvd to tablet

    In the first place, make sure if the recorded TV shows are protected. Use free tool mediainfo to check file information. If not, convert the recordings (mostly .dvr format) to MP4 and copy the MP4 files to your Android slab. Otherwise the shows can't be converted and played on Android. You may...
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    Just Picked Up the Galaxy Note 10.1

    Oh, how does it play HD movies? Does it support 1080p HD mkv files?
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    is iTunes downloadable to galaxy 2 tablet

    for iTunes content that have DRM protection, you have to use a DRM removal to handle them in advance, you may try ChewTune, this article supplys the full information you need, you may read it Tricks to watch iTunes movies on Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 inch tablet
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    Video Conversion for Acer A500

    you may try ChewTune, it could help you converting itunes movies to iconia tab a500 with the optimized preset
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    HDMI output is not full-screen on TV

    i think, you need to adjust the resolution of the movie to fit your hdtv resolution
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    Video Conversion for Acer A500

    here is an article talking about how to convert itunes movies for iconia tab a500 via a free trial tool, if you are interested, you may have a look iTunes M4V video to Iconia Tab – Transfer iTunes Movies Library to Acer Iconia Tab A500
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    can the Galaxy 8.9 play AVI files?

    according to some reviews, it's buit in MP4/DivX/Xvid/H.264/H.263 player, but i'm not sure if it can play all the avi videos since avi is a container format
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    Playing Movies

    as probbiethe1 said, you should figure out the movies format at first, by installing some media players ( like mobo player, qq player, rock player etc ) most movies can be played well, but, some complex formats like mkv, m2ts, avi, mov etc, may still have playback issues, in this situation, you...
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    converted videos will not play now

    i think, we need more information from you, format and settings you used when converting, the converted video size... according to my own experience, android tablets prefer h.264 mp4 video, you may choose this format as output when converting, below is the settings i used for m009 by using...
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    No video

    i know a free youtube downloader , helps downloading youtube videos, but it only works on computer, if you are interested, you may have a try
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    I-tunes for android acer 500

    here is an article about this, hope it helps Transfer iTunes Movies Library to Acer Iconia Tab A500
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    iTunes for Galaxy Tab 10.1

    as far as i know, you can't transfer itunes content ( movies, music, tv shows) to Galaxy tab 10.1 directly, because itunes content are protected by Apple’s FairPlay DRM copyright protection
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    viewing avi files from a NAS drive

    transformer only supports limited avi files playback, in your situation, you may think about converting them
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    Flip Video to Acer A500

    as far as i know, a500 can't play flip camera videos, because the format isn't compatible with it