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    Finding/Testing Suitable ClockworkMod Recovery for Onda v701

    It's a defective/bad battery zuko..
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    I know this is an old post..But I'm posting this dump for this tablet just in case someone is looking for it.... next800T 2013-10-
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    Bricked Galaxy Tab 3

    Good advice with xda...Also....look around XDA and find the pit file for it also and look at for the original firmware...Load it with Heimdall...Not Odin...That will fix the screen flicker and odd events you may be seeing with the tablet...
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    Where did my app go?

    Spider ate it yellow! have to watch
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    identify this motherboard and tablet...

    The GoClover Libra 97 has the same motherboard as the tablet you have pictured...
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    TZX-Q88B-713B7 KTF2227 pls help

    Q88 KTF2227P - Download - 4shared - ????? ??????? There ya go jsonesg..hope this helps..
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    Coby 8024 at last alive after the white screen of death

    itgenmar the solution is posted several times in the Coby Second Generation forum...Just do a search Mid8024 or Coby 8024 you'll find real easy...
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    Smooth Android Emulation Comes to Your Desktop PC or Mac with 'Andy'

    I have something similar to this running also..It's called Bluestacks..It works fairly well...But I have a version of Kit Kat running with a dual boot grub with Virtual Box also...The bluestacks is a lot more responsive versus the Virtual Box install of Kit Kat..It's free for now because it's...
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    drivers microlab tablet 4861

    Here is the firmware of the tablet that he is talking about ... Hope of help ...!MYRijC4T!XUmCKnCvxdYHo0qLR4Es5Gtls8FDglJkWDvYolrYOjc Also ... here are the instructions.
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    Touch Screen Problem

    Set it and have it set on boot...Then reboot...It has helped some various devices I have tried it on...
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    Portable Charging From A Battery

    Yea 7805 will work also..and easy to find at Rat Shack...There was various types of builds I have seen and all do the same purpose...Good thinking on it...
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    Portable Charging From A Battery

    It works well's extremely hard to get one now also unless you buy bulk of them...I think I bought mine with a ton of cell phone cases and such about 6 years back..and still have that little jewel...The Cads are still charging like it was brand new to this date...But your idea...
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    i looking for!X8RnRbgA!cTo4j3j0jKS5Uw7nTROEe3WdUUtmVlkAmdTLwgd3JGs Firmware for this tablet.. Update instructions also here... Orange TB Series: [Firmware] Tablet Orange TB7070
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    My Bro brought me a bricked android

    for fun q88x_v1.1 - Download - 4shared That should work guru... Here's also a topic post about the same board version..
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    Portable Charging From A Battery

    I have one of these....Man I haven't found nothing yet it wouldn't charge off a data Portable Power Pack BT5VUSB22L-C6B Also with the regulated ic in the car charger itself it looks for that voltage as it charges..When that's reached it will load test and if the charge holds it...
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    Touch Screen Problem

    Try SGS Touchscreen Booster in the playstore and play around with the settings....See if it makes any improvements to it...
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    Touch Screen Problem

    The touch sensitivity isn't configured properly in the firmware itself...I run across an app on Blackmart you can install it and it will modify the configuration to set your touch to light to heavy...I run across this also on my Samsung Mega with the back button on the stock firmware.
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    ramos w21 won't startup

    This link has the full firmware and the loader to repair your tablet to factory is your friend when you're in need...
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    Android tablet 3q q-pad lc0725b is hard bricked :(

    The firmware you downloaded boots from an SDCard....Extract the files to a folder..Inside that folder you will see 3 files...Copy those 3 files to the root of the SD card...Place it in the tablet then hold Vol- and power for 3 secs...Keep holding the Vol- button until it boots in to recovery.It...
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    root help needed! That post will guide you the rest of the way...