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  1. PitCarver

    New Member, with questions.

    Welcome aboard, SmokeyBear
  2. PitCarver

    Transferring documents

    You got me, Spyder*. I haven't had to edit a document in several years.
  3. PitCarver

    Tablet Rooting

    You've got nice notifications Spyder*. Mine always tell me that it may cause my device to not work properly, too, but yes, disabling the app will remove it from the app drawer and stops it from updates and activity. I will suggest that before you disable it that you clear the data first...
  4. PitCarver

    Tablet Rooting

    Welcome to the forum, Spyder. Removing apps done give you additional space on your device, and unless you know what you're doing, Rooting has the ability to convert your tablet into an expensive paperweight. My two cents here is to simply disable them in the settings menu.
  5. PitCarver

    Do I Have A Fake Lenovo A2109?

    Welcome to the Android Tablet Forum. Can't say if you have a fake or not, but my old Lenovo was also an A2109A.
  6. PitCarver

    Can't Get Full Screen Size Game To Display

    According to Google Play, Slottomana was updated on April 9th. That's why I had said to make sure that you had the latest version.
  7. PitCarver

    Can't Get Full Screen Size Game To Display

    Hello, Kathy, and welcome to the Android Tablet Forum. Don't have a definitive answer to your question, but I see that it was recently updated, with some unspecified fixes. At the very least, make sure that you are using the latest version. You should also clear the game cache, and restart...
  8. PitCarver

    Hisense Sero 7 Battery

    Why not just plug it in and do what you have to while it's on AC.
  9. PitCarver

    Deleting Files From RCA Viking 10 ?

    Michael, your device should have an app already installed. It may be labeled as "Files", "My Files" or something along those lines. If not, you can install one from the play store. Astro is one that I have used. If you want to...
  10. PitCarver

    Contixo Kids Tablet

    Spent a while checking the internet and couldn't find much. My suggestion is to do a YouTube search for Contixo Kids Tablets,and take a look at some. Some of the reviewers may show how to set it up. Good luck.
  11. PitCarver

    Contixo Kids Tablet

    Hello Nina 1414, welcome. First thing you should try is to contact Contixo, they should be able to get you started. Contact Us
  12. PitCarver

    [SOLVED] Connecting Allwinner A-23

    Congrats John. Hope you found it out before a reset.
  13. PitCarver

    [SOLVED] Connecting Allwinner A-23

    You should check with whoever installed it, John. Once you have the password you can change it to whatever you like, assuming it's yours you're trying to sort out.