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  1. tipstir

    Root Coby 7065 via ADB or Recovery

    You were banned for the your bad behavior and I was right you are what you are! Nothing wrong with my Roms and COBY didn't do what you said because of me. So shame on you for saying that. You need to man up here. The goal is to help members not to have personal attacks. That's now how real...
  2. tipstir

    Does your 7024 Freeze / Crash fairly often?

    Are you running any task manager, cachemate or a-tap1 cleaners.. Are your tablets rooted?
  3. tipstir

    [MOD] Gingerbread OS To HoneyComb Hybrid MOD HCV31.0 GB38 ACADEV 6.5.11

    WHAT HAS BEEN DONE? Updated Re-programmed Tablet for Extreme Performance you can see the results after the system reboots Updated CM3 shows 2244 with WiFi Enabled! Available RAM is 84MB to 86MB Free (depends what you have loaded on the tablet) Added 17 Google Logo 2D/3D Wallpaper Updated...
  4. tipstir

    Where can the Coby Kyros (Gen 2) be Purchased? Price trends?

    QVC still the the MID1024 for $179.96 with 2x2 payments of $89.88 along with free shipping Until last night! It's gone now off the site..
  5. tipstir

    Working Netflix app for Coby 7024

    That's been fixed I got it running and watching Lois and Clark. You have to remove the prior one first and install the new patch. The new patch you have to update it which it takes you to Market. Just type in your login info and you can start resuming your prior media.
  6. tipstir

    memory of honeycomb and k9 roms

    No it won't work right. I've seen it happen on other OS. You can remove maps if you don't use. It. Just use B20 Lite.
  7. tipstir

    7024: 512 Meg RAM or 312?

    312MB free that's great! That's more than Elocity A7 with 512MB which only has 269MB free. Be happy with what you have.
  8. tipstir

    memory of honeycomb and k9 roms

    2.72GB is what you have when you buy your tablet of 4GB MODs are 9xMB to 1xxMB in sizes. Lite and Xtreme uses the less space. Full has everything
  9. tipstir

    Want to upgrade from Android OS 2.1 to Gingerbread 2.3.

    Process so far: Imaged Rooted Clockwork Recovery V3 Flash 10.3 Netflix Backup Removed apps
  10. tipstir

    coby 7015 or 7024? please help....

    I working on the GB2.3.1 HoneyComb Hybrid Version still. Either way you need to start off HCV13.0 B20 for OS 2.1. The OS 2.3.1 version will be out later in June.
  11. tipstir

    coby 7015 or 7024? please help....

    I have to use another system to root the tablet. Once that done I going to re-programmed it first. Using V13.5 B20 method really moves now that's better for games like RIO stuff like that uses clean memory. I know I haven't release that might soon. Graphic update for that too. Just have to get...
  12. tipstir

    coby 7015 or 7024? please help....

    Known Clone Variations of COBY KYROS MID7015 | 7015A Optimist Gpad 701 Gosund Gpad 701 Emdoor EM71 Lonpad D7 GPAD Telepad 7 TPAD Herotab G701 If you see any of the above they're all the made the same. The first two are good choice. If you can get Gpad702 that has CTS vs RTS and offers...
  13. tipstir

    coby 7015 or 7024? please help....

    I say go for the 7015 save that $40 bucks. You can turn it into HoneyComb Hybrid which is from me or you can upgrade it to Android OS 2.3.1 GingerBread add Flash any media streaming and your set. Sure the GingerBread is new for this tablet but we have many using and working on it. Still it does...
  14. tipstir

    Working Netflix app for Coby 7024

    Good you got Netflix it working we have it working on KYROS 7015/7015A GB2.3.1 side now with flash 10.3.x.x.x No issues playback is sharp and clear.
  15. tipstir

    CM 7 (2.3.4) - GingerBread Kyros 7015

    Password just use for members only. Password is now available on the link page. The password was only for selected few for access. But since request has sky-rocketed it's now available for all members. I share if I didn't share there won't be any ROM since 2010 from me.
  16. tipstir

    7015A with HoneyComb 2.1 B20 LHD ROM not recognizing Music/Video on Players.

    Under HCV13.0 B20 (all versions) Meridian for Videos Tiny Player for Music QuickPic for Gallery
  17. tipstir

    Want to upgrade from Android OS 2.1 to Gingerbread 2.3.

    Well I can do more than that use this new link
  18. tipstir

    Unsure about rooting...

    Patient, not everyone up to speed yet on rooting. Relax stay calm.. Go outside and yell! Then come back and type. Now Z4Root is the best way to go for Rooting. Install it and run it that's it. System reboots an then your rooted. Next you can install the Market Patch. Then run the tablet like...
  19. tipstir

    Netflix APP

    Yep I have HBO and pay for it. Still I also have Netflix also would like to use that on the tablet too!
  20. tipstir

    CM 7 (2.3.4) - GingerBread Kyros 7015

    You should take the OEM version of GingerBread 2.3 but maybe you have that already. Which internal one 4GB or 8GB there is also 2GB version from OEM too.