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    JexTab 812 8" Android 2.3 Capacitive Rockchip 2918 1.2 GHz 1024 x 768 Resolution

    Jexaa are proud to announce the JexTab 812 - Full HD 8" Android Tablet PC ​ We have had a play with our first sample and this product is fantastic! Watching HD playback is awesome, twin cameras, 1.2GHz CPU and Android 2.3 all for only £199.99! Display: 8" 1024 x 768 Resolution Capacitive...
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    Warning!! Jexaa ltd doesn't give any support to its customers

    Hi there, could you tell me your order number and the tracking details of the item you returned please? I am sorry you feel we do not offer good customer service, my name is Ben - I assure you if you provide me with these details here or via I will personally make sure your...
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    I'm Looking for Android Tab

    I would reccomend this bad boy
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    Advice on a good brand 7" tablet

    I would recommend the JexTab 710 see here - JexTab 710 Android 2.2 7" Capacitive Multi-Touch Samsung S5PV210 Tablet PC: Jexaa *forgot to mention we work with the same factories as Viewsonic, Advent, Commtiva etc * We are based in the UK so If you need a hand just give us a call / Email / Live...
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    Samsung S5PV210 Aishuo Tablets Have Gingerbread Update

    I have the 8" model running 2.3 - very good
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    JexTab 710 / Dropad A8 / Haipad M7 Video

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    JexTab Delux 10.1" Capacitive Tegra 250 Android 2.2 / 3.0!! Built In 3G Have a Look!

    Thank you we do try :p first finished sample will be with me tomorrow - CAN'T WAIT! give it a good thrash and make a detailed vid.
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    Dropad A8/Hero Tab C8 or Superpad 2/Flytouch 3

    JexTab 710 which is the Dropad A8 with a few tweaks ;) JexTab 710 Android 2.2 7" Capacitive Multi-Touch Samsung S5PV210 Tablet PC: Jexaa
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    what android tablet should i buy

    Hi Mike, Have a look at our site Android Tablet PC, Windows Tablet PC & Accessories - Jexaa We are based in the UK - if you need a hand give us a call, or use live chat on site. Josh
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    JexTab Delux 10.1" Capacitive Tegra 250 Android 2.2 / 3.0!! Built In 3G Have a Look!

    We are proud to announce our latest product to the JexTab range the incredible: JexTab Delux With Nvidia Tegra 2 Dual Core Processor! I will have a product review video up on our site / youtube by the end of the week. Honeycomb update available within a month so keep your eyes peeled! We...
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    best 7" up to £160 at mo?

    First video will be on youtube tonight! yes we are new with this domain but I have been dealing with chinese electronics for years - if you got questions give me a call 07837905930 Josh
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    Dropad A8/Haipad M7 - Samsung 7-in Cortex A8 Capacitive iPhone 4

    Hi guys - just to let you know we have this product under the name JexTab 710 on our site currently for £189.99 Anyone in the UK or EU? We hold our stock in the UK so you would not have to worry about import duty / VAT. Also 1 year UK warranty and 2 months free technical support. Let me know...
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    best 7" up to £160 at mo?

    Yes it is generic but produced in a few different factories with different quality components so you have to be careful, ours is branded as a JexTab - we only brand the Tablets we feel are good quality and reliable (sort of like our stamp of approval) Other benefits from us include no import...
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    best 7" up to £160 at mo?

    Hi there - if you up your budget a little we have a few great 7" tablets: JexTab 710 with full capacitive multi touch screen for £189.99 This is our personal favourite will do 1080p HD...
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    Thank you Doug for the introduction! Hi Guys I'm Josh at, we are the newest supporting vendor of this great forum and look forward to helping as many of you as possible with your Android Tablet queries. We are based in the UK and hold all stock here with us, all of our products...
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    10inch tablets running android 3.0

    No worries buddy! talk to you soon
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    10inch tablets running android 3.0

    I am not allowed to advertise our site ATM, and am not too sure where else sells them you can have a look at the delux page: Delux Technology Will be able to give you more info once I get advertising sorted out on this great forum!
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    10inch tablets running android 3.0

    Chinese company called Delux make a fantastic 10" dual core tablet that will be running 3.0 in the next 2 months - will be priced in the UK on our site for around £320 so you'll be looking at $450 or so.
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    USB Splitter on A81G Capacitive?

    Hi Ned, Yes I have used a USB splitter and it works fine, had an issue with it on one model but just reflashed the device Other option as you have the "G" is a bluetooth keyboard, have you considered that? Regards Josh