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    magazine reading tablet

    Glad that is working out you. I wanted a larger screen but had to settle for a 9.7 Samsung Tab S2. I now seam to use it in the portrait mode more than my past tablet. The S2 would be great for magazine reading if you ever change again. Lateck,
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    Android Tablet With Turtle-Like Performance

    I too had an older ASUS TF101 that was slooooowwwing down. Did a full factory reset and that helped for a while. Finally got a newer tablet with newer internals. Now I'm back up to speed. Older tablets, phones any electronics will become out dated and slow down. My Windows ME computer is slow...
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    Hello from an Arizona Desert, "Zonie". Tablet Newbie....

    Hello all, I'm a newbie to tablets, well a week old newbie :D Have a Asus Transformer TF-101. I am also going to be getting a Android phone to replace my older Windows based phone.... Am a Windows 7 user for computers... No fruit :cool: Will be looking for information on how to let my...