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    Archos 70 or Huawei S7 ?

    Android 2.2 is rumored to be available for Huawei in Q1 of 2011. Did a review of the Huawei here : I also have the Archos 101. The biggest draw back for me is the resistive touch screen on the Huawei. Otherwise it was a nice device, and for $299 to be able to use an AT&T 3G sim card is...
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    Video review of the Archos 101

    Here is a video review of the Archos 101: Archos 101 review. CPG
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    Archos 8 Gen Android Tablets

    Just at CTIA last week it was said still Oct. 17th, but still nothing direct from Acrhos. They didn't really announce ahead of time on the 32 though either, it was just kinda of available lol. CPG
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    Which One?!

    I dont know why you would bother with any of those devices at this point. Your Gentouch78 has about as much, or more functionality then they do. Wait and by the end of November you will have better choices. With an Arm11 processor you will never have a complete Android 2.2 experience (FLASH...
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    ARCHOS 101 and FLATPAD A10T

    Archos 101 has a multi-touch capacitive screen.... btw CPG
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    Market situation?

    Wrong forum I think. lol CPG
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    Archos 101 Tablet, will it get the 3.0 upgrade, or the fuul Google Market?

    This is a media device.. Why not focus on improving what they offer on 1.6 Firmware. There is no need ultimately to do 2.1 or 2.2 at this point. It is a one year old device, and 2.2 devices are coming out. Its not if the device doesnt function cause its on 1.6. As I have said before. Buy the...
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    ARCHOS 101 and FLATPAD A10T

    Sorry. I was talking about the A10T being the rebadged device. Its been confirmed by Archos that the Gen8 tablets will have 256MB of RAM. The Tegra 2 devices all have 512MB of RAM or more. This doesnt mean however you will noticed much real world difference in performance. CPG
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    Archos 101 Tablet, will it get the 3.0 upgrade, or the fuul Google Market?

    People say this, but they are still releasing firmware updates for a tablet they released a year ago... So.. I disagree with this... Also, NO ONE knows if right now if ANY device will be able to upgrade to Gingerbread, as it doesnt exist yet... Google has made NO TRUE announcements about...
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    ARCHOS 101 and FLATPAD A10T

    Well, if you didnt know, its just a rebranded tablet.. Here is a hands on that Engadget had with it.. : Malata's SMB-A1011 Tegra 2 tablet spotted at GTC 2010, we go hands-on -- Engadget The Archos 101 has 256MB of RAM btw.. neither would be upgradeable in these type of devices. I think the...
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    Some questions about the AUGen.

    I think Archos learned alot from the last year. They were the first to have a lower priced Windows 7 Tablet on the Market, 6 months or so before the iPad came out.. Yes it had its problems, as did the internet tablet android line... However, I just played with a 5IT a few weeks ago at Best...
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    Some questions about the AUGen.

    Two things... 1. The Archos Gen8 line( Archos 70 and 101) do NOT have 512MB of RAM, they are 256MB, this has been confirmed with ARCHOS. Also, Archos has already released an update for then Gen8 line. They are all one release which will make it easy.. Just the 3 inch one is out, and thats who...
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    Thinking of purchasing...

    Um, the hacker SUPPORT it to get it where the Gentouch78 is already at.. The PDN is not sold as a Tablet, its just sold as an eReader, but runs Android 2.0 out of the box.. They are trying to get a STABLE 2.1 working, (GT78 already comes with 2.1). There is hacking/modding going on right now...
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    [ROM] Gentouch78 Rooted v0.3 (for v1)

    Um.. You don't get to clockwork that way.. Get to clockwork by going into recover mode. Hit the reset or power on while holding the HOME key on the back of the device. Also, when you are getting the green bullseye, can you not complete the calibration? Thats how the new system starts, its no an...
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    [ROM] Gentouch78 Rooted v0.3 (for v1)

    Did you do a data and cache wipe in Clockwork first? I recommend doing it 3 times each, then starting from scratch. Install Linc modified v3 update, then linc's, then do Market fix. You shouldnt need to do a new gmail account. CPG
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    Augen Gentouch78 7'' Color Touch Screen Tablet PC for $169.99 Sold by Sears

    This has been on for almost a month.. However, its never been in stock on the website. CPG
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    Gentouch USB Host working with several devices

    Sorry, the Surfer install is not better. v3 of Augen update does not remove Google Apps btw. Also, the Surfer install doesnt have proper power management for the GT78, it lacks the software buttons in the notification bar, and still has some of the issues the older GT78 updates had (phone/3g...
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    Rooting Problem Solved

    If you would have installed the updates, the drivers are there for ADB access. This is not rooting your device btw... You can have an adb shell without being rooted. If you install Linc's in clockwork, your device will be rooted with Super User App. CPG
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    SetCPU underclocks CPU to 600mhz from factory 660mhz

    And actually the CPU is rated at 720Mhz. It is being underclocked. The Box and website say the device should be running at 800Mhz, which is totally possible once we get some overclocking going on.. CPG
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    Augen Gentouch78 IRC channels.

    Just a reminder for those who dont know of them. There are two GT78 channels. #augenmod-dev - this is the hack/mod/developer channel. For discussing these topics, not for general questions. #augenmod-offtopic - is for any general/newbie questions. Freenode servers... webchat here ...