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    Unable to download Norton security onto my Arnova tablet

    Norton's is sheer bloatware. Why would anyone put that crap on their device???? From my experience with their products, its all hype.
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    Battle For CPU Supremacy: NVIDIA Calls Out Apple on Speed Claims of A5X vs. Tegra 3

    I am not impressed with Apples claims. They have been spouting off way too much without firm data to backup their claims. Between their frivelous law suits and propriatary devices, they are surely over the top. If one believe such claims, they can stand in line with the rest, to have smoke blown...
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    Can you connect a WD type USB HD to a android tablet and watch movies?

    I use a 1TB Seagate usb 3.0 HDD with my Acer Iconia A500 to watch movies, but I keep the tablet plugged into power to aid in powering the hard. My recommendation is to put the movies on an SD card and run them from there. If anyone out there has a better solution, sure would love to hear your ideas.
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    Case, sleeve, etc. for Transformer Prime?

    Take a look at the Roo sleeve for the tablet only. For the tablet and dock the minsuit has one that will hold both. Currantly I am using the Roo case which appears to be of good quality and protective. My Minisuit is on back order and will give a heads up when I get it for evaluation.
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    [Rumor] Android 5.0 Jelly Bean Will Likely Have a Desktop Plug-in Mode Like Motorola

    I would love to see Google compete with Microsoft. It would really give a boost to the industry, since Microsoft has been too dominant in the OS arena. Competition would rein in Microsoft's pricing and force them to be more competitive, trimming down some of their fat.
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    Acer Posts $212 Million annual loss ...

    No I did not see a reason for their loss, I will try and do some research to see if they are indicating the cause of the loss. But Acer is definitely the little engine that could, their products are pretty sturdy. Furthermore, they appear to treat their workers better than Apple does, which is a...
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    Acer Posts $212 Million annual loss ...

    It is unfortunate that Acer posted a loss. They make a good sturdy product, and I love my A500, it works like a charm!!!!
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    Would you re-purchase Acer A-500?

    If I lost my A500, I would probably go for an A200 which is less expensive. But if money was no object, I would go Transformer Prime, with a keyboard dock. Quad core is a faster alternative, at 499.00.
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    [Rumor] Apple Forces Supplier (Pegatron) to Dump Asus' Ultrabooks Production

    Apple is sinking to a new level of it's bully tactics. Not only dose apple look the other way when it comes to worker rights, but they also want to bully their competition too. What they really need to be doing is developing new innovative products and looking after workers rights, if they are...
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    Asus Transformer Prime Bests iPad2 in Head-to-Head Matchup

    I am not shocked by the Prime out doing the Ipad2. Apple products are really lot of hyp, and have a cult following. They do make a good product however, just not my cup of tea. It is too limited and closed, reflecting The Jobs controlling strategy.
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    [GIVEAWAY] Caseen VIBE Stylus for Capacitive Touch Screens

    I would be using it on my Acer A500 and my new Transformer prime. I already have a generic stylus that I use.
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    Buyer Beware

    E=bunks10;181531]Just purchased a supposedly new A500 from Walmart today and found the unit had previously been used because I didn't get the inital setup screen and then when I went to the Market, it started using someone else's gmail account. It was also missing the USB cable. The unit works...
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    [GIVEAWAY] Caseen VIBE Stylus for Capacitive Touch Screens

    I would use the stylus with my Acer A500 and my Transformer Prime, when undocked
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    Transformer prime ac adapter gets hots

    I noticed that initially the charger got warm, but not alarmingly so. It is normal for the charger to get warm, an indication that it is doing its job. The level of heat is determine by how hard it has to work to charge the battery. Once the battery develops a charged reserve, it will cool down...
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    Is the transformer prime good

    I received my Transformer prime today, and I am not disappointed with it,s performance so far. I have been playing with the GPS and WIFI, and so far have had no issues with sensitivity, or connectivity of this device. The GPS worked with no problems indoors, and responded in a quick timely...
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    Very close to buying an A500. Is it the best bang for the buck in mid January 2012?

    I Own an A500 tablet, and am very happy with mine. It is very reliable and has pretty good ergonomics and a nice screen. Too bad Acer won't be coming out with a quad core in the next month or so, for I would opt for one. The plus is that the A500 will be getting ICS very soon. I highly recommend...
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    Transformer Prime Owners in the UK Can Get an Extended Warranty or Refund

    I have been trying to get an Asus Transformer Prime, but have been unsuccessful. But seeing the teething problems it is having, I am beginning to have second thoughts. So I am following the resolution of the various problems from wifi to gps issues, and will then weigh the decision to purchase...
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    Acer Backing Off From Touch-Screen Device Business

    It is sad news to hear that Acer is backing away from the tablet market. They make a good sturdy tablet, and I love mine. But as we all are familiar with the fierce competition in the tablet market place, it takes no prisoners. All we can hope for is that Acer hangs in there and continues to...
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    Apple's Claim in Germany Against Samsung's 2nd Tab, the Galaxy Tab 10.1N, is Rejected

    Just maybe if Apple spent more time and money on product development, they would not have the time or desire to sue everyone. As we all are familiar with Steve Jobs controlling nature, he hated Android with a passion. These crazy lawsuits are getting rediculous!!!! Apple needs to concentrate on...
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    TABLET NOOB! Dont know whether to buy an iPad or Asus Eee Pad Transformer?

    You won,t go wrong with the choice of the Asus Transformer, or better yet the quad core Prime. It is a very well made tablet with great screen resolution, and very good workmanship and ergonomics.