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    RCA Android Tablet Won't See Dell Laptop

    This ais a brand new RCA 10" Viking Pro model rct6k03w13 tablet. I can't get the tablet to see my Dell laptop, OS WIN7 Home 32bit, via the USB cable, also the Dell laptop won't see the table either. I tried the USB cable on my cell phone to my Dell laptop it worked 100%. Did I miss something...
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    Info Needed For Tablet Purchase

    The tablet that I have my eye on is a RCA 10 Viking Pro. I am looking for any and/or info on this tablet before I buy it. Can It be rooted? Any other info that can be had. One of the things I like already on the RCA tablet is that it has 2 USB ports, 1 is 2.0 port and the other port is a micro...
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    ZTE K90U Tablet - Charge Cable Problem

    I guess I the same problem here as I do on the ZTE home support forum. This post has been sitting on the ZTE home support forum since May 22, 2017 @ 8:26PM with not 1 single answer? Whats the point of wasting the money to by or rent the main frame and the electrical power for a post that no one...
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    ZTE K90U Tablet - Charge Cable Problem

    1st off the tablet works great and charges fine, OS Android v6.0. This tablet takes a type-C male plug on the charge cord. For some games that I play on my Windows laptop I have jpg floor map files made up. I put this jpg files on the tablet so I can look at the maps so I know were I am at in...
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    Re: Rooting A ZTE Tablet

    I have a ZTE Android tablet model K90U, Android version 6.0.1. I tried Kingoroot and it failed. I next tried iRoot and the tablet keep blocking iRoot. Saying the prog maybe infected or corrupted. So what do I use to root this tablet? Steve
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    Hi I am new here, I have USB driver problem in a Emerson Em744

    I just got an Emerson model EM744 android tablet. When I got the tablet connected to my laptop for the 1st time it worked. Now I can't get the tablet to reconnect to the laptop in any of the 4 ports that I have. Here is a screen capture of my Device Manager bellow. Seve