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    Google Play & Gmail issues - Freelander PD10/PD20

    Owners of these Tablets will have been having problems with Google Play and Gmail - this was caused by a chage that Google made to a server address, which was in 'hosts' on the Freelander PD10 and PD20 Tablets. Though various solutions have been suggested, I have found that the following, copied...
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    Problems with Gmail & Play Store - won't connect!

    There must be many people who are having this problem with Tablets ordered directly from Chinese suppliers, it was caused by a change that Google made to their servers a couple of weeks ago. Have a look at the Pandawill Forum:- PD20 Google play issues - Page 3 Not an easy 'fix' but maybe ok for...
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    Problems with Gmail & Play Store Freelander PD20

    We have 3 Freelander PD20s and in the last week have developed huge problems with Gmail and the Google PlayStore. Gmails are not arriving or are delayed by several days, Play Store is not accessible - this started last week, when I tried to do an Update on BBC iPlayer; it went into the updating...