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  1. young707

    Is this HTC Nexus 9 special real or fake?

    Is this HTC Nexus 9 special real or fake? Or, unloading refurbished return defective junks? HTC Holiday Special Reading user negative review on Amazon HTC Nexus 9, is HTC products really that bad? Are overheat and screen bleeding and many defective hardware issue resolved?
  2. young707

    compare between LG G Pad 8 V480 or 8.3 V500

    I am shopping 8 inch Android tablets. I found the LG G Pad are good prducts to fit me need. I do web surfing, book reading and do some Google Voice chats. I am concern the G Pad 8.0 with 1GB RAM limitation? Does this a incur any major performance problem? The G Pad 8.3 with 2GB RAM is nice. The...
  3. young707

    seek info about external USB 3G dongle

    Please tell me about External USB 3G dongle? I have a Asian 7" Android Tablet purchased at Fry's Electronics in San Jose. Is these External USB 3G dongle operate in GSM quad frequency using AT&T or T-Mobile network? Can you use these device to get online to the internet? What is the data speed?