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    Le Pan Life Members- We Need Your Help!

    Someone might want to download the site if they have ability via: Internet Archive Wayback Machine
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    Le Pan

    Which model did they have? I have the first one and love it. I don't use it as much as I should but have never had an issue with it and it is the best tablet of several I have tried and owned.
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    Elsse 4.3 Inch Internet Tablet

    Their site is back up though unchanged and no info on the unit we own. elsse Home -elsse Store
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    Since they are dropping the LePan I like a hot potato service wise I would not place a lot of trust in the support end of their doings. It seems maybe they were using those that bought it as guinea pigs for what they wanted to put out later. Just an observation/opinion.
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    Elsse 4.3 Inch Internet Tablet

    Their website was worthless, then they took it down so support may not exist. I would doubt they will do any upgrades unless they really get something going. Their site is here if you want to keep checking. I suspect we are on our own. Slatedroid has a thread or two on...
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    Micro SD card info

    I and others had some problems getting the 970 to update from a class 4. I tried to update with the card that came with it and it would not work, moved it to a 6 and all was well. Others did fine with the 4 so ????
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    New Firmware 4626 for the TC970...Somebody?

    "there is actually yet another one that was leaked by a former employee just yesterday" Any info on what it is? Link? thanks
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    Le Pan II

    I had problems downloading the first firmware to my pc, their server is just getting swamped I'd guess. I think it was the fourth try it finally finished properly.
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    Expandable SD card

    I could not get my unit to update the firmware and finally tried a class 6 (had been using a class4) and it went right on. LePan told me the error I was getting indicated missing or corrupted file so I thought maybe the 4 was just too slow. I don't know if this is a universal problem, whether...
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    Pandigital Supernova tablet USB file transfer problem

    Assumed you have rebooted both devices and reset the tablet. Have you tried another cable? You might inspect both usb ports and see if something might have gotten broken. Plug in and unplug the cable a couple three times (connectors can get dirty/corroded). There are some quirks in the...
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    New user, need some help.

    You might try another browser, the stock one isn't the best. There are several around, I like Opera personally. As to the highlighting, you might try tapping, not swiping or vise versa. You might also try reinstalling the reader and/or trying a different version of it.
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    Hi need some help

    The Pandigital doesn't come with android market so you need to pick up your apps on the net then copy them to the pandigital and tap on them, they will install after you tap the file in file explorer. is one of the other places to get the apps. If you know the name of the app you...
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    New here and could use some help!!!

    Most Black pandigitals run a lesser version of android - 1.6 I think - and that is a hindrance. I would search here and at for black pandigital and you will find more info. In settings/about you can tell what version you are running for sure. I am not sure what you can do with...
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    New member with Le Pan TC 970

    Got it to work. I finally tried a class 6 sd card rather than the one Le Pan sent or the class 4 I had been trying. It worked fine. Le Pan service mentioned the error would happen when the file was not there or the sd card was absent so I wondered about the sd cards being to slow. Anyway...
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    New member with Le Pan TC 970

    Mine came yesterday but I have found two problems already. Any assist would be of great help. 1. I downloaded the new firmware (three times) and it tells me the file is bad. I've tried three sd cards, three downloads, two different sd card formats (fat and fat32) and ALL efforts have ended in...
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    Need a Santa to help me..

    It does update to 2. something, fairly sure it is 2.0, maybe someone one else will know for positive.
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    what can i do on it

    As to the Epad you might google "epad forum" and see if anyone has set up a forum like this for that unit. You might also post what you want to do here and if it relates to android we might be able to give you an assist. The tablets are all similar though each has its differences as well.
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    Need a Santa to help me..

    Go to the pandigital site and you can update the firmware (if it isn't already) to 2. something. You can go to settings and down at the bottom there is an "about" or "info" tab that lists the version you have. As to market, you can get amazon market or slideme without changing things. To get...
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    Determine which apps will work on the White Pandigital

    You have been doing it :-) Try them is the only way I know of. If you find one you want sometimes you can find an older or newer version that may work. Also there is a thread either here or that deals with what apps work. This is kind of true with all tablets with android. I...