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    JexTab 812 8" Android 2.3 Capacitive Rockchip 2918 1.2 GHz 1024 x 768 Resolution

    Jexaa are proud to announce the JexTab 812 - Full HD 8" Android Tablet PC ​ We have had a play with our first sample and this product is fantastic! Watching HD playback is awesome, twin cameras, 1.2GHz CPU and Android 2.3 all for only £199.99! Display: 8" 1024 x 768 Resolution Capacitive...
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    JexTab 710 / Dropad A8 / Haipad M7 Video

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    JexTab Delux 10.1" Capacitive Tegra 250 Android 2.2 / 3.0!! Built In 3G Have a Look!

    We are proud to announce our latest product to the JexTab range the incredible: JexTab Delux With Nvidia Tegra 2 Dual Core Processor! I will have a product review video up on our site / youtube by the end of the week. Honeycomb update available within a month so keep your eyes peeled! We...
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    Thank you Doug for the introduction! Hi Guys I'm Josh at, we are the newest supporting vendor of this great forum and look forward to helping as many of you as possible with your Android Tablet queries. We are based in the UK and hold all stock here with us, all of our products...
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    Android Tablet PC UK Shop / Store / Website / Sellers?

    Hi guys, Am curious to see how many members use UK based companies to buy Android based Tablet PCs? If you do please explain why and whether you have had good service If not, is this because of a lack of choice or what other reason? And finally would it be good to see a professional...
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    Tablet PC Repairs UK

    Hi Guys, We run an online store in the UK - rapidly expanding.. We are looking for someone who can repair android and windows tablets, various models from Eken m002s, Froyo a8, zt180, x5a, n450.... We would want someone in the UK we can send faulty tabs to along with the parts/spares -...