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    NEED HELP! Android 2.3 8" A816 Tablet problems driving me crazy!!

    Ok guys, no joke I've spent nearly 30 hours now trying to update a few tablets that arrived with crappy firmware that had a limited market & didn't allow market downloads + the browser won't work.. GOOGLE AUTHENTICATION FAILED It's a chinatab manufactured by Ashiou A816 running Android 2.3...
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    Market Place & Browser not working!!

    Market Place & google browser not workingHi, I have this tablet..several of them actually. About a week ago I booted one up & created a google account & entered the MarketPlace, made downloads etc.. with no issues at all! Today, I decided to boot a couple more up & create the gmail accounts to...
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    Best place to buy real flytouch 3???

    Best place to buy real flytouch 3? I have mixed feelings about various 10" tablets. The ZT180 was ok, the Froyo Flytouch 2 was better & my latest purchase Flytouch 3 / superpad 2 is complete garbage. Only has a 3000mah battery, doesn't fully support the market & hdmi out is giving me audio...
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    SuperPad III Firmware??

    Hi folks, I received a couple of the new Superpad III's today & one of them was non-responsive upon startup. Just made the buzz sound & nothing else! I've hit the reset button, I've let it charge for a few hours, tried different chargers & still nothing. One of two things: It has internal...
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    Hdmi & sound issues!

    Hdmi & sound issues anyone else experiencing ruffled sound when viewing video on HDTV?? The first few seconds sounds very clear & then it becomes distorted and choppy.. Sounds good when listening on FTii, but not through HDMI.. any ideas? a firmware issue, or simply a crappy HDMI feature...