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    Tablet as a electronic guide for travelling - which one

    I have the galaxy GT-P1000T (telstra model) and they have said no upgrade :( so mine is 2.2. I have navigon loaded on it for GPS, adobe and thinkfree office for PDFs and it works really well. I don't use it as a phone at all and only have wifi and bluetooth turned on when I am using them, the...
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    What mobile do i buy my gf?

    I have an SE Xperia X10, the camera in it is really good. I am thinking of getting a Samsung when my next rollover comes around because in Aus they ship with Navigon installed so I will have a true GPS in the phone. You can buy Navigon in the Android market but it is pricey.
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    new tablet user

    Hi Sherry, I use my tablet as an organiser. Have you downloaded a calendar app or are you using the one that came with the tablet? Do you have a google calendar or do you just want to keep it on the tablet and not synchronise with your computer?
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    Galaxy front facing camera

    I couldn't work that out either.
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    What model of Galaxy Tab did you purchase?

    GT-P1000T (Telstra). The 2.3 update was supposed to come through kies according to Samsung. I was told that there will be no update to mine by the sales person. I'm with a different carrier though so I'm hoping it might turn up.
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    What would you do?

    Since I got my tablet I have been thinking about getting a 3g sim for it. The $29.95 plan with my carrier currently comes with a free Galaxy 7", this is what I currently have so I don't need a second one. I'm not sure whether my husband will use it for more than angry birds, I think he would...
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    Which tablet did you buy and why?

    I got the 7" galaxy. Reasons: Small enough to use as a notebook/appointment book at work big enough to be comfortable as an e-reader it was half price!
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    ebook to PC (windows) and then to Android device

    What app are you trying to open it with and what format is the ebook? I use epub and PDF in Aldiko or Kobo. Mobi need to be read in the Kindle app. Each reader has a folder that the ebooks must be in to be read in the reader. Aldiko's folder is eBooks, Kobo will search your files to find the...
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    Android Tablet with Excel etc...?

    There are a few office document readers free on the market, if you want to edit the documents on the tablet you will generally need a paid version. Documents to Go is one option, Think free Office is another.
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    The Ultimate Tablet

    Definitely needs a stand, stylus with storage slot & detachable keyboard - a cross between a netbook and tablet. Need to be able to swap the sim without losing settings - or maybe a phone account that provides 2 sims that share data. Light weight and thin but with lots of power/memory etc Strong...
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    What am I missing out on?

    I've had my tablet for a few months. I use it for: reading books and magazines note taking appointment book diary notes creating PDFs of patterns I need when I'm out but don't want to take the whole book playing games MP3s Bill reminders emails i-view TV you tube twitter forums So what haven't...
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    Turn off 3G?

    not being the person who said 99 I don't have the link, the lowest price I have seen is $299 AUD.
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    Turn off 3G?

    With no 3G why would there be a monthly charge? I bought mine outright and have no ongoing payments. Wifi only means not using the phone network or paying for it.
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    Turn off 3G?

    Can you take the sim out?
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    My Experience with “Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P1000”

    I bought mine free of a contract. I rang my provider and they SMS'd me the settings, all I had to do was press apply and the settings were all applied from the SMS. Beofre trying to set one up I would suggest calling your carrier to see if they can do something similar.
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    Tablet with Real GPS, Not a-GPS - Does It Exist?

    I can with my galaxy tab, I only have a basic calls only no data sim card in it and it works fine.
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    Safely removing from computer

    I do mount and unmount from the device, the instructions however say turn it off on the PC before unmounting. This works fine for my SE Xperia but not my Galaxy. I may just get one of those micro SD card readers and remove the SD card to transfer files, that way I know I'm not going to lose...
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    Screenshoot? ??!

    I read about this and tried it and it works about 50% of the time for me depending on the app that I'm in. I have found you need to press and hold the back key, clear any pop ups that come up due to the press and then click the power button. That seems to work in most apps. I don't know maybe...
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    Model Number Confusion?

    Just to add to the model numbers that are out there, I have a GT-P1000T, I assume the final T is for Telstra, the carrier I bought it from. It does have a sim slot. It can be used for calls and SMS etc. Carriers here cannot lock any phones, once you are out of contract you are free to get a...
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    Lecture note taking app for tablet?

    RepliGo Reader is what you want for PDF files, I haven't used it so not sure how well it works. Try a search in the market for 'annotate' to find some other options.