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    So how's the telechip based tablet performs compared with other chips?

    Sorry, I don't have much knowledge about tablet chips so this is all new to me. I might get an aPad which everyone knows has a telechip so I hope this chip is good.
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    Funny how the off topic forum is full of on topic threads

    I just find it odd that even the Off Topic section is full of Android Tablet threads. Makes me think that most people here are obsessed with the Android Tablets :)
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    VoIP on Android tablets?

    Guys I'm very much sold in getting an Android tablet (prolly the G10) I just want to know how is the performance for making VoIP calls. Is the wifi connection reliable enough for carrying a VoIP conversation? This is a make or break deal for me as I do calls with my Onesuite VoIP service...