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  1. leeshor

    Samsung Tablet File Transfer To PC

    That certainly would be a great option, especially since the storage is virtually unlimited. However Google uses a lossy compression to upload/store those photos. It may not be all that bad, just need to be informed. DropBox can be told to do the same, without the compression issue, but there is...
  2. leeshor

    Samsung Tablet File Transfer To PC

    I vote, Windows, as I pretty much have been. I do have a solution, do a fresh install of Windows. ;)
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    Tablets and note taking

    My guess is mostly feel. The Nexus stylus is far superior to many others it's hard to say.
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    Samsung Tablet File Transfer To PC

    I really don't have that much time. Many people that have developed this problem over time never found a solution We could spend all night discussing it. Not me. I have provide nearly all the positiveness that might actually solve the problem.
  5. leeshor

    Samsung Tablet File Transfer To PC

    I don't think the problem is in the tablet, especially if you're using the same port for charging and not having problems. With USB ports, anything is possible and yes it could be hardware, but I doubt it.
  6. leeshor

    Tablets and note taking

    Welcome to the forum The pen that come with the Nexus is far better than most and a lot better than virtually all after market styli. My personal preference is one that actually feels like you're wring with a pencil. Precision Stylus for iPad, Android, & Windows | Jot Pro
  7. leeshor

    Samsung Tablet File Transfer To PC

    It sounds like the tablet once connected via USB to your PC and now doesn't. The lost of possibilities are quite long, registry/file/drive corruptions changes in the system configuration, anti virus and more. If you try a different USB port, that may work. Check hidden devices in device manager...
  8. leeshor

    AMID-9743G Maximum SD card memory size

    A 32GB should work for sure. Allow the tablet to format it. I can't speak for anything larger. Some tablets and phones have issues with larger MicroSD cards than 32GB.
  9. leeshor

    Samsung Tablet File Transfer To PC

    Welcome to the forum I'm a little dense these days but the more I read your post the more confuted I got about what you really need to do. I'm guessing you wanted to get files from the tablet onto the PC. Let me suggest a few no hassle ways to get that done rather than trying to figure out...
  10. leeshor

    Black screen

    Read my response to your other post.
  11. leeshor

    Black Screen

    Did you read that thread? It explains how to do a factory reset if you have no screen at all. It's called a hardware factory reset not software..
  12. leeshor

    Wifi Connection Failure

    Welcome to the forum I would try one additional hotspot, not work, and if it works there it just may be time for a new router. You pretty much covered all the things I would have suggested you try. That change in the security type was much needed. If you were on WEP that's not very good and...
  13. leeshor

    [Nandroid] MID7125 system.img

    Not surprised as that post is over 4 years old. I guess I have to give you credit for finding it. ;)
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    Hi I`m New Here

    Welcome to the forum I've found that the best way to do that would be to do a search with your provider's name and the words Android mail settings.
  15. leeshor

    Rooted Acer Iconia Tab 10 stuck on reboot screen

    Welcome to the forum Have you though about asking your brother' friend, since he did the original rooting he should know a little about what's going on.
  16. leeshor

    Pocket-sized tablet

    You may need to get more specific. Some of the tablets get pretty small and phones pretty big, exceeding the size of some tablets. Figure out a size you're looking for and do a Google search for that size Android Tablet. There are a few pretty small ones but you didn't say how small or what you...
  17. leeshor

    Nextbook 10.1 won't charge

    Welcome to the forum Your explanation sounds like a bad charger or cable. See if it charges plugged into a PC that isn't sleeping. Keep the tablet off but see if the charge increases. Wait 5 hours or so as the PC port doesn't provide a lot of juice.
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    Welcome to the forum Karl
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    Denver Tablet TAD-97052 Locked

    Welcome to the forum So, swiping the screen does nothing? You don't have a ton of information to work with. If you can't unlock it and it isn't rooted USB is no help but I really don't quite understand that statement.
  20. leeshor

    HDD Won't read on tablet

    Still the same answer. Not enough voltage/AMPs to get the job done.