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    Coby MID7048 HDMI fix?

    I followed some foolish advice on telling me to do a factory ret. set to make my tablet faster (ICS 4.2.3). Now my HDMI will not work, although I am not sure if it worked before the reset, as I hadn't tried it yet. I tested it before rooting my tablet and after the reset, and it...
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    Root and Gapps for Telechips, 7032,7034,7036,7048,8048

    if someone is able to get the link working, would u please take a moment to look over the few posts I made regarding my MID7048 and help me out? I will donate as soon as someone cann help and will donate more once I have more money....that's how badly I want to root this thing....I can't get...
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    Root and Gapps for Telechips, 7032,7034,7036,7048,8048

    I originally did a wipe of the factory folder after following not-to-brilliant advice. I did this before I discovered this thread. Should I just do the factory reset through the settings and then do your .zip? The way I did my reset was to hold down power button and volume button as the device...
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    Root and Gapps for Telechips, 7032,7034,7036,7048,8048

    Did u do anything other than download Vampire's (person who started this thread) linked .zip file, install it to the root of an external sd card, and then install it, to be able to root it so it will work on Google Play store? Also, do u have ICS 4.0.3 or a different release of Android? Do u...
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    Root and Gapps for Telechips, 7032,7034,7036,7048,8048

    How do I become a "superuser" and "dropbox" and what are the advantages of that?
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    Making Phone Calls and texting on Coby Kyros

    Do I have to root my Coby Kyros MID7048 running Android ICS 4.0.3 before I can successfully do all this? If so, how do I root it without turning it into a brick? Also, does the Kyros come with a pre-installed mobile number that I can find somewhere in the File Explorer files and enter into...
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    To any moderator reading: I promise this is only part of my intro. about myself and I won't talk any more about this kind of thing. I read the rules. If that's too much for you, please just delete those 2 little paragraphs about my personal philosophy. I consider them a big part of me, which...