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    plz help. the more apps i install, the faster battery drains.

    As the title says, The battery drains a lot faster on my nook color after I install some applications.....What seems to be the problem? How can I close the applications? I tried to close them from settings until only DSP Manager, Google Services and Android keyboard AOSP remained active.. but...
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    Fast battery consumption :(

    Hello people.. I am having problems with my nook color again ... I have paranoid android 2.99 (using android 4.1.2) and in the first time after I have installed the rom my battery was draining an acceptable percent of 3-4% per day (24 hours-idle mode). After I have played with it a bit and...
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    questions before installing ROM

    hello. I am having some questions before I install a new ROM to my Nook Color. I've been lookin over more web pages but some of them write some steps to install a ROM but other websites show different steps to install it, and I don't know which one to trust because I don't want to break my nook...
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    windows7 won't recognize my nook color

    after I plug in the USB slot, it keeps on saying "USB device not recognized" in the tray bar :( is there anything I can do about this issue? Thank you
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    Nook color powerful flash on the screen before sleep mode.. any ideeas why?

    Hello.. I found out a problem on my nook color... I was reading something on my rooted CM 10 nook color and, after I keep the page still and don't touch the screen, of course it comes in standby mode... but the problem is .. before it comes in standby mode, sometimes the screen flashes (becomes...
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    setcpu question

    Hello I have a question about this app. What happens if I set the CPU speed at a certain value in the settings-performance (the application that comes with cm10) and set the CPU speed at another value in setcpu program ?which one of them has better priority? Thank you.
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    Nook color on CM10 browser problem

    Hi :) I just grabbed myself a nook color (rooted), but im facing a problem with the browser I was just testing the wifi yesterday, when the browser got stuck at loading the page at about 80% and then, it didn't recover at all :( ... No buttons were working, neither the on/off button. I had to...
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    How does the tablet's battery work? Please help !

    Hello, androidtablets forum ! I just bought a Nook Color e-reader (rooted) and decided to join this forum board because I have a question about tablets. So there goes my first post: I can see most of the tablet producers all around the world refuse to offer the people who buy these devices...