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    Rooting Zeki Tablet TBDG734

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    Rooting Zeki Tablet TBDG734

    How did you get it to loop?
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    Rooting Zeki Tablet TBDG734

    I did some reading on this method I wouldn't do it. Based on everything I found this program causes lots of problems. All technically fixable but I didn't want to take the chance of bricking my tablet. Also the video specifies phones says nothing about tablets.
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    Hello Everyone

    Ii have been using android for years, but this is my first tablet. I found your forum a few weeks ago when looking for android tablet help. My tablet is a zeki, after I got hung up on them 3 times when asking basic information I started looking for help elsewhere.
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    help wth zeki tablet

    Try the google play store it is less glitchy, if you want the amazon app back you will probably have to do a factory reset (Go the the settings the icon looks like a cog wheel, in the personal section close to the bottom go to backup and reset tap it and pick factory data reset.) It also may...
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    Rooting Zeki Tablet TBDG734

    I am trying to root this tablet too. Before I decided to root I tried taking the easy route calling customer service to tell me why my external SD card was not working. As soon as I told them my model number TBDG734 I got hung up on 3 times. After this I decided to go the rooting route so I...