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  1. Tanzanite

    Looking for an Android Tablet for Christmas, What Should I Get?

    A USB keyboard is cheaper and I really like the keyboards that also works as a stand for the tablet. Concerning the tablet Zenithink would be a good choice. It should come in at the low end of your budget and it is good a good quality tablet with Android 4.x.
  2. Tanzanite

    having problems taking screenshots i have the lenovo ideatab s2109

    Hi There is a great writeup here about different ways to take screenshots: 6 Ways To Take Screenshots On Android
  3. Tanzanite

    Help with Settings

    Hi Roberta, You can find a description of options under settings that should be available on most devices here: Android Manual, Android User Guide
  4. Tanzanite

    Looking for a 10" tablet with 3G and GPS support - advice needed

    Labas mylėti savo šalį 3 metus gyveno Vilniuje Try to have a look at the latest Zenithink:Zenithink You should be able to get this one safely within your budget and with ndroid 4.1 The processor is 1.5GHz and you can ask for 16GB memory. Good luck with your search.
  5. Tanzanite

    userguide in english for freemllander pd10

    I don't have a user manual for Freemllander but you might find this useful: Android Manual, Android User Guide
  6. Tanzanite

    Sites Where You Can Buy Ainol Tablets [Please Sticky It]

    Hmmm we need a site for Africa: Tablets you can afford
  7. Tanzanite

    Your Favorite Android Browser?

    I am a Dolphin fan as well. Compact browser that do what it is supposed to do and nothing more
  8. Tanzanite

    Newbie problems!

    1977 that was the year of Commodore Transactor. What a beautiful piece of equipment :
  9. Tanzanite

    Manual for MID-android 4

    Hi Tony, You can find a nice online maual here: Android Manual, Android User Guide You need to use a file manager to access and delete files unless they are associated to a program and for extra memory your tablet most likely supports Micro SD cards.
  10. Tanzanite

    Locked WM8650

    Nice to meet a fellow African in this exclusive forum :D Are you sure the tablet is locked? Never heard about tablets from China that is locked.
  11. Tanzanite

    Newby really needing some help!!!!

    Hmm i guess you don't get any replies because it is a very strange problem. From what you are telling it sounds like your internal memory is corrupted. it could be you have a virus so you might want to run a virus check like AVG.
  12. Tanzanite

    Happy Belated Birthday Android! Congratz on Turning Four Yesterday!

    Congrats from Africa, Android has done more to increase internet access than any other OS here. It will be exiting to see what the next 4 years will bring. With the speed of innovation we I would be surprised if tablets have not taken over PC's 4 years from now as the main computer interface...
  13. Tanzanite

    New to site & to the world of Android tablets

    Hi LeaMac Welcome to the Forum and congrats with your Transformer. Hope you will have a lot of fun with it and the Forum.
  14. Tanzanite


    Hmmm that sounds a bit strange. If you mean that the language of the tablet is Chinese then you have to change langauge. You can find a guide for changing language here:
  15. Tanzanite

    An idiot after a guide.....

    There is a good guide here for beginners: Android Manual, Android User Guide Skip the first couple of chapters about safety etc. till you come to the good stuff :)
  16. Tanzanite

    Hi Everyone. We are W2COMP - Supporting Vendor

    Welcome to the Forum. Nice to see a supplier with a wide selction of android gadgets. Like the TV Stick :)
  17. Tanzanite

    How to connect 3G dongle to onda vi10

    You can find a list over the 3G modems that are most likely to work and a small guide on how to set it up here: How to setup your 3G modem
  18. Tanzanite

    Which Chinese Tablet?

    Almost all the tablet out there can meet your requirements (or at least claim to meet you requirements - I don’t know a tablet with a good battery from China or for that matter from anywhere in the world :)) The real differentiator is the need for built-in 3G. This will add cost but is...
  19. Tanzanite

    Brand New Tablet for Sale (Only Joking ;)

    You forgot to say that you are the lucky owner of a good sense of humor :) Never heard about your new toy but it sounds like a decent tablet. When you get familiar to it you will hopefully find that it is very convenient when you are on the move. A tablet is in my experience not a replacement...