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  1. J

    TF101 refuses to update... Need help before I destroy it lol

    I think there is another new update today.. so, better download again for manual update.
  2. J

    ICS on Transformer

    Say... if I don't like ICS. Is there a way to go back to the previous firmware?
  3. J

    Limited availability of Transformer Prime

    Say.. wondering if anyone know if the Transformer Asus Prime will work with the same keyboard dock that currently designed for the regular Asus Transformer (TF101) ?
  4. J

    Battery Life and Warm Tablet

    Mine gets warm/hot too. I thought my first tablet was defective..because it was warm. After returning the 1st and got the 2nd, it is the same thing. VTAB gets warm after about 20m of use.
  5. J

    Adobe flasher player

    I think I've asked this questions earlier.. why the latest version of 10.3 Flash isn't available for Vtab. Also, noticed that certain web sites that only uses 10.3 won't play at all. That's dissappointment. I thought all android software should run regardless of the certain hardware as long...
  6. J

    16Gb micro SD card (class 2) for Vizio - ok to use?

    Thanks to all responded. In that case, I go with the class 4 or higher. Amazon selling Patriot class 4 microSD 16Gb for $21.98. I think this is a good deal.
  7. J

    16Gb micro SD card (class 2) for Vizio - ok to use?

    Amazon selling the 16Gb Micro SD card for around $22.60. That's pretty good price. This is class 2. Wondering if this is suitable for the Vizio tablet?
  8. J

    Video calls on the Vtab

    So, anybody here successfully got Video Chat going yet? If so, what apps to use?
  9. J

    Had to call Vizio

    Hey guys, what's the advantage of moving the apps to the SD card?
  10. J

    Hot tablet and screen sensitivity

    Hmm... yes, indeed. I think mine may be defective. The startup is beginning to slow even with the latest update. I think I may have to return it for an exchange.
  11. J

    Hot tablet and screen sensitivity

    After using for about 15-20 minutes.. holding for a while reading an ebook, it feels like holding a hot plate especially the bottom part. Also, I have the latest update today (1.2 from Vizio) and even after the latest update, I noticed the screen apps are still not sensitive enough - sometimes...
  12. J

    Videos on Yahoo web site - can't work

    Tried that and it says "This version of Flash Player is not optimized for the VIZIO tablet and will not be installed". Is this just a Flash 10.3 issue that most video on Yahoo won't play?
  13. J

    Videos on Yahoo web site - can't work

    I noticed most videos from yahoo web site can't be played using Vizio eventhough it support flash. Example: Those videos plays fine on my HTC phone. Am I missing some extra codecs that I need to download from Marketplace for Vizio?
  14. J

    Video calls on the Vtab

    Hi, just bought myself a Vizio from Sams.. notice that you can't find Skype on the Android market place using Vizio own's Market place app. That's odd. I tried to go there using the browser but the install option is grey out. So, Skype is not allowed to work on Vizio tablet? I guess we have...