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    music, dlna, flac files--->works!

    Fiddling with my A700, I decided to check out the music sound, etc. I ran the pre-installed "Music" app & it saw my music files on the external_sd_card & my nas drive; selected the nas drive with my cd music & some dvd videos, selected music. The A700 played the mp3 files on the...
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    deleting files or folders = not a real delete?

    I did a search for files deleting, deleting files & files delete & don't get real hits but just a listing of every thread in the forums. The problem is that I've deleted files & folders from both the "internal storage" SD & the external SD using goth the "files" app & "total commander"; the...
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    touchscreen sensitivity not working well, sortof!

    Just a comment on the touchscreen sensitivity that I've discovered yesterday. I had the sensitivity setup to "high performance" & still had the touch working sporadically at times; & not registered sometimes. Even after the latest system update to improve the touch sensitivity. Decided to use...
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    can the 1 gb upgraded to a 2 gb by user

    1. Can the 1 gig memory be changed to a 2 gig "easily" by the user with just a swap? & have no bad effects except possible a bit warmer? 2. I tried to create a folder on the A700 with its file thingy; but the folder/directory isn't seen by the computer!!! I'm able to have a folder...