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    Everything you wanted to know about the Motorola Xoom

    "1280x800 Resolution" *drooling* :o
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    Windows 7 based Ipad...

    Always when people said windows 7 is not for tablets I thought they are overreacting but after I got myself Asus t101mt I must agree with them. MS should hurry up with a real tablet os - compatible with touch but you could also run normal programs on it.
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    The archos 32 internet tablet hands on impression

    After my Nokia 5800 I know that for internet and media 3.2 inch is a bit too little. It's mostly OK for music and maybe to check the weather or email.
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    HSN Launches enTourage Dual Touchscreen LCD & E Ink® Tablet w/Wi-Fi & Built-in Camera

    I'm not sure what I think about dual ebook/tabet devices... This one looks like a cheap (a bit ugly) toy...
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    Samsung Galaxy Tab wi-fi only

    I would buy if for around $350 but anything above? - nope, I don't need it THAT much... even if it looks really sexy.
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    How bad is it?

    Well, while I shouldn't be whining about <$100 tablet but... like they say: with Flytouch you get what you pay for. With original firmware it was so slow and choppy that it was barely usable. Custom firmware made it a bit better but still when you scroll it either not responding or scroll too...
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    Samsung Galaxy Tab available for pre-order

    I don't get it - I'm sure they know only Apple can get away with price like that. It doesn't matter if it's better equipped than iPad - theres no way they will get a lot of people to pay more than $500 for gadget they technically don't need. Most people want cheap. Period. Why else EEE PC...
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    How bad is it?

    I know technically it's not THAT hard but you know that with those cheap knockoffs you only need to breath too hard and it's already broken... :)
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    Delivery time

    Two weeks... UGH. It's already been 2 weeks since I ordered it... Knowing mu luck it will be broken on arrival and I will have to send it back and wait another few weeks... Yay! HP, ASUS, Acer and the rest of the bunch should hurry up and release at least ONE good table that doesn't cost a...
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    Delivery time

    So I got my tracking no (at I don't know where exactly is it shipped from (Singapore? I thought it's from China or HK?) Anyway - how how long do you think it will go to Europe? Days? Or is it more like a weeks. Because by the time it comes here we will probably already have...
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    How bad is it?

    OK, thanks Now, let's see if I don't get a broken, unusable "paper weight" :eek:
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    How bad is it?

    To be honest after reading all post about bricked tablets I'm bit reluctant to try it myself - at least at first. I don't want to break it the first day LOL So without any modification, how would reading ebooks and browsing the web look like i.e. would I have choppy scrolling on heavy websites...
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    Anyone see the New Archos tablets

    With bad reputation Archos have I'm reluctant to even consider them, but - 10 inch for $300? Sound tempting, especially since it seams all good Android tablets will be quite expensive. If I have to spend over $500 I could very well just order iPad (not that I would ever buy anything Apple)
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    How bad is it?

    So I just ordered one. Since I only paid like $100 with shipping I don't really have big expectation. I'm mostly interested in reading ebooks, www and checking out new apps. No movies, music or 3d games. I've read that VIA processors are crappy, but for my usage - would it be enough? :confused: