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    Curtis klu LT8025

    Really, it was a piece of junk, $150 wasted, mine currently serves as a doorstop, does a pretty good job too.
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    Curtis klu LT8025

    I think I posted a solution here earlier in this thread, you can buy a universal adapter from Radio Shack and also the plug to fit the tablet, much cheaper than ordering it from China, that user was happy, just make sure to get the correct specs for voltage and amps.
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    Curtis klu LT8025

    This thing was pretty much a no go, big lots sold it for $150.00, the smart ones got their money back, others found it gave up the ghost pretty quickly. Mine currently serves as an expensive paperweight, Curtis Int. gave up supporting this model shortly after it was released, the promises from...
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    Curtis klu LT8025

    There is no update, Curtis did promise one but then abandoned this tablet and cancelled the update, so you are stuck with what you have, pretty much junk. Big Lots are selling an android 2.2 tablet for $99 right now, it's probably no better than the KLU but at least it has a better version of...
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    Curtis klu LT8025

    Glad t help, enjoy your new toy :)
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    Curtis klu LT8025

    It seems a little strange that Radio shack was not able to sell you a universal charger, they have tons of them. in fact I checked their website and they list 3 different chargers with a 9 volt output capable of charging at 2.5 Amps. They all had a selection of jacks to use with this tablet...
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    Curtis klu LT8025

    You can buy a universal charger from Radio Shack etc. It should have the required plug and have an output of 9VDC at 2.5 Amps.
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    Curtis klu LT8025

    Hi there, Firstly this device runs Android 2.1 so sadly Youtube videos will not run on it, you can download the skyfire browser from slideme market which is installed on this unit, that will give you a small window which has some video capabilities. The Android market is not accessible on this...
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    Curtis klu LT8025

    Looks like there is another new Infotmic device out there running 2.2, not sure if this is the same one that was mentioned earlier or not but it sure looks different. Here is the link Login : Tablet PC- Tablet Computer - Buy cheap google android tablet pc from China factory Android 2.2 Infotmic...
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    (HOW TO) Uninstall Clockwork Recovery and revert to a stock image

    OK I am stuck here, what is a CWR.B? I am trying to figure out what this abbreviation means, can anyone help me please? >No matter your reason for wanting to revert to stock, I have pieced together a quick way to: A. remove CWR B. delete any installed apps or custom roms C. restore your NC to...
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    What's wrong?

    A similar thing happened to me, sadly it is junk, fortunately tablets can be purchased very cheaply these days and they are getting cheaper every month, it might be more affordable just to get a new one, I bricked my LT8025 by simply installing a power launcher so don't feel sad. the only way I...
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    Which One To Buy Acer A500, Asus Transformer Or iPad 2

    I want to know where you got an ipad2, I am still on the waiting list at Best buy (Dec 2011) and the Apple Store (Jan 12), I put my name on the list before the ipad2 was released. A few people here got one but only from a carrier like Verizon, any non 3G are still not available. Can you tell me...
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    Curtis klu LT8025

    Actually that might even work, I really wanted an ipad2 but the wait list is until Dec 2011 at Best Buy, I dipped my feet in with this cheapo from Big Lots, I guess it works but not very well. I'll play around with it until I break it then I will have to wait until I get my Bonus Check from...
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    Curtis klu LT8025

    Thanks Cfrokit, that's a little easier to understand, so basically in a nutshell there is no update for the 8025 and nor is there likely to be in the near future? I think this is something we learn after the fact, I wonder if on this site you could put a "Warning List" or something which says...
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    Curtis klu LT8025

    I really wish people would take the time to explain things a little better, all the tech jargon here does not mean a thing to me, I want to upgrade mine too but I need someone to explain it in a language I understand. Thanks
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    Launcher Pro Problem - Unable to Add Shortcuts

    Launcher Pro bricked my KLU 8025, the only way I could get it to reboot was to remove and reformat the TF card, with it in the tablet would not boot after I installed it, I was lucky this time.
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    Accessing files on a usb drive

    You should not need any special software, so long as you can see the drive, however if the drive contains many files you may just have to be patient and wait for a while until they show.
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    OK Now lets get Flash working!

    I am sad to say I have a non working KLU 8025, it seems that there is no way that we can get Flash to work on it, for some reason InfoTM have put custom chips in this thing, it's pretty much junk. I am about to throw mine in the garbage can, although if you clock the CPU it runs just great...
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    what program do i use to play videos?

    You can download skyfire browser from the apps market for free, then you can watch videos, good luck.
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    What use are tablets?

    Tablets are in their early days, what you can do with them is very limited, especially the piece of junk I purchased. Right now the Android OS is pretty half baked, you cannot do any serious type of document editing or productivity work on it, the tablet I have is just about useless even for...