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  1. WasteLandSavage

    Can You Root a Tablet Using Linux Inside of Windows?

    I have a Iconia A1-810 Tablet running Jelly Bean 4.2.2. I have the Acer ToolKit and usb Drivers for my windows computer. I know rooting this tablet is best done inside of a Linux Cmd Shell, But my question is this. I am running Windows 8 Pro x64. Can I run a 32bit version of Linux inside of my...
  2. WasteLandSavage

    How can I get an Android Controller to work on my A1-810???

    Hey everyone: I have an A1-810 running JB 4.2.2. I have both a Nyko Playpad as well as a Moga Pocket Controller. The Nyko at first wouldn't even connect to my tablet, I could get it too pair through the main bluetooth interface but not through the Playground program to where it was useable...
  3. WasteLandSavage

    Rooting Iconia A1-810?

    Hello: I ordered a Iconia A1-810 Tablet and should be getting it in a couple of days. :cool: And I was wondering how I could go about rooting it easily so that I can remove any possible Bloatware that there maybe. And so it will allow me to be able to run a screenshot program. I had a Lenovo...
  4. WasteLandSavage

    A Great Controller for Gaming on your A2109A

    Hey all: I just recently got me this controller made by Nyko it can be used for HID games. Touch mapping, as well as Keyboard Mapping. It can also be used as a Mouse. It will run on Android, iOS, and Windows. But was designed to be used on Android. The Touch Mapping at the moment is a little...
  5. WasteLandSavage

    Bluetooth Keyboard Problems A2109?

    Hey again: I was wondering if anyone here could tell me away to get a Bluetooth Keyboard to work right? I know this is a problem across most all Android devices and I can't find even a answer close to a solution. First of all my Bluetooth Mouse works flawless. To get these troubleshooting...
  6. WasteLandSavage

    Sometimes Clear sound then others Hardly any sound on Iconia A500?

    Hi all: My wife's A500 while most of the time the sound is quite Loud and Clear. There are other times that even if the sound is turned all the way up you can barely hear it. This happens mostly while she is playing games. Which ones really doesn't matter. One time Family Farm for Android will...
  7. WasteLandSavage

    Screen Cleaners for our Trusty A2109?

    Howdy everyone: I was wondering what everyone here used to clean their A2109's Screen? I know some say you can clean even a laptop screen with a 50/50 mix of Rubbing Alcohol and Distilled Water. But I've always used the cleaners made specifically for laptop computer screens. And this is the...
  8. WasteLandSavage

    Question about disabling programs.

    Howdy Again: Quick question and one of the simpler ones I've asked. If I disable an application does it take it out of the memory? or does it lay dormant in the memory? I believe it does remove it "BUT" but I'm not 100% sure. Thanks: Ricky :)
  9. WasteLandSavage

    Which Anti Virus?

    I was wondering which Anti Virus is preferable for the A2109? Wither Free or Paid For. I had been using WebRoot Secure AnyWare "PAID" on my Iconia but it's Subscription went out 3 days ago. I've been using the default Norton's on here since it was a Free Trial. And I was just wondering by...
  10. WasteLandSavage

    Which Anti Virus?

  11. WasteLandSavage

    Yet another Battery Charging Question!

    OK: Everyone here knows the other thread that I have and knows what the Lenovo Tech has told me, That being said. While I;ve been told about the battery charge being kept at around 98 to 100% and the tablet/charger throttling it so to speak as to not overcharge it. And while the Tech told...
  12. WasteLandSavage

    My Review of my new A2109 Things to consider for possible owners....

    Lenovo A2109. I've been using this tablet now for a little of five days now, And all I can say is that it is on par with the much more expensive tablets avalible out there. I have an Acer Iconia A500 which is up to $200 more and the quality of the A2109 far surpasses it. With the only...
  13. WasteLandSavage

    A couple of Android Questions.

    I have a couple of questions about doing things in Android that I've been trying to figure out for a while now. #1. How do you take a Screen Shot & Save It? #2. Is there if any preferably Free or Trail Versions of a "GOOD" PaintShop type program like Gimp or something of the sort? Even...
  14. WasteLandSavage

    Small Battery Power Drop on A2109!

    Well FloRider called it here's my first question. I have a program that keeps an eye on my battery power mainly for when I'm running it on the battery. Last night while I was setting up my new A2109 I noticed the power on the battery dropped to 99% and stayed there for a bit, then went back...
  15. WasteLandSavage

    A nice little widget.

    I don't know how many here like to keep their desktop nice and tidy like I do. As well as liking to save as much valuable screen space as possible, I had been looking for a program that would allow me to do this while enabling me maybe not have to use the stock screen widgets that are so big...
  16. WasteLandSavage

    A nice little widget.

  17. WasteLandSavage

    My "NEW" A2109 is coming Yipieeeeeeeee!

    Hey all: It finally came I just ordered my A2109 from Got it for $214.98 shipped, And it should be here either Friday or next Monday. Again let me Thank All of those who have put up with all my excessive questions and answered them t the Best of their abilities. You truly are an...
  18. WasteLandSavage

    Self made dock for A2109!

    Howdy All: Some time back I had written about a dock for the A2109, and I think it was FloRider that said in his opinion it wasn't possible. I realize that he mean't a Mfg Dock "BUT" that got my wheels grinding. So after a couple of days of thinking and rethinking it over I decided to give it a...
  19. WasteLandSavage

    Gaming on the A2109?

    I thought I'd start a thread where maybe it might help other's as well as myself to know what types of games work on the A2109. I like to play mostly generic games Like: Angry Birds, Bad Piggies, Where's My Water, Dungeon Hunter, HD Pinball for Tegra, etc. I know since it has a Tegra 3 in that...
  20. WasteLandSavage

    Gaming on the A2109?