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  1. Chimmychin

    Anyone familar with the Fuji Labs B3260 Ereader?

    Guys, I have a Fuji Labs B3260-2G electronic book reader. I've download a few books in EPUB format. Tried to open it and I get the "can't open file" prompt. Converted it into a MOBI file... same prompt. Tried TXT... same doodoo. Does anyone have any suggestions? :confused:
  2. Chimmychin

    Grinding hard drive after reset

    so after doing some research, I tried to download that epub document to my mac to see what the heck is it. Well, the actualy name is 4Sync-1.0.6CM.exc and it was hiding under another name. Now I understand why my tablet went wacky. But exc files can only run in Windows, correct?
  3. Chimmychin

    Grinding hard drive after reset

    Ahhhh, so I feel much better now knowing that its a flash drive. Geez, I should had known that. Its running fine for now. Thank you :D
  4. Chimmychin

    Grinding hard drive after reset

    I bought a Curtis klu on sale and was impressed. Added google play, downloaded a few apps. Worked perfectly until I downloaded a ePub free book from another site which wasn't what it appeared to be. When attempting to open, all these internet ads flashed on the screen causing it to freeze so...