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  1. DonSchaeffer

    People Who Want to Convert a Tablet to a Drawing Pad

    I found a whole group of people who ask how to convert their android tablet into a "cheap" drawing tablet. What surprised me as that there means of doing that. They are very complex though. You can fix it that lines drawn on your tablet screen will appear in a drawing application on your...
  2. DonSchaeffer

    [SOLVED] Can't Get IP Address

    I bought an Acer 7 inch tablet barely 6 weeks ago. It worked fine until yesterday. Now it can't connaect to the internet. It keeps trying to obtain an IP address to connect, but can't. After repeated tries it stops and says there is a configuration failure. Apparently it is true of all android...
  3. DonSchaeffer

    8 Inch Irulu Tablet Just Bricked

    Seem very reliable anyway
  4. DonSchaeffer

    8 Inch Irulu Tablet Just Bricked

    I went out and bought an Acer 7 inch tablet on sale. It works just tickety boo.
  5. DonSchaeffer

    How To Print With Android 6?

    There are printer finding apps. I have a wireless printer that was located by the Epson Printer Finder. But how do I print? The e-mail doesn't have a print option, neither does my note app.
  6. DonSchaeffer

    8 Inch Irulu Tablet Just Bricked

    Then I let the new 7 inch tablet fall onto the rug from the bed (about 2 feet) and the video crashed--it became lines. I sent ot back for a refund. It was only about 2 weeks. I bought a 7 inch Acer One. I still have a good 10. inch Irulu tablet that works well, but I'm about to give up on Irulu.
  7. DonSchaeffer

    8 Inch Irulu Tablet Just Bricked

    To replace my dead (core dead) Irulu 8 inch tablet, I bought a 7 inch X33 IRULU with Android 6.1. This is a fine fast tablet. Very pleased with it (about $50 with shipping).
  8. DonSchaeffer

    How To Make This Thing Work?

    Try setting it up again. Sometimes these tablets need to be set up several times before they get it right. My tablet was telling me that all my apps shut down. So I factory reset it and it works normally now.
  9. DonSchaeffer

    8 Inch Irulu Tablet Just Bricked

    Nothing different happens. How long do you have to hold these buttons. I held them down for half a minute.
  10. DonSchaeffer

    Is It Possible To Copy & Paste Text In Android 6?

    Oh neat. I didn't know about this at all.
  11. DonSchaeffer

    8 Inch Irulu Tablet Just Bricked

    I have an 8 inch Irulu tablet I really favored. A few days ago, it just stopped booting up. When I press the boot button and hold it, the screen lights up a little but it doesn't boot and the bright screen goes off after a time. Does anybody have any guesses about why this is happening and what...
  12. DonSchaeffer

    Is It Possible To Copy & Paste Text In Android 6?

    If so, how do you do it?
  13. DonSchaeffer

    Need New Android Tablet

    Why are people so obsessed with getting the latest Android version?
  14. DonSchaeffer

    Mail Clients For Android

    I use gmail. It's good for everything.
  15. DonSchaeffer

    Asus Zenpad 3S (ZK500KL-1A007A) - Keyboard/Touchpad?

    My guess is that the keyboard is universal for any Bluetooth. The frame may not fit another tablet. In one case I cut the frame away from a keyboard and am left with a small handy keyboard.
  16. DonSchaeffer

    [Review] Irulu 10.1 Inch Tablet With Android 6.0.1

    The Irulu tablet line has been improving with each new iteration. I recently acquired the Irulu 10.1 inch model X40 with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. I was using the Irulu model X11 with Android 5.0.1. Lollipop. Both are based on an A33 Quadcore processor. The nice thing about these tablets is...
  17. DonSchaeffer

    Do You Clean Your Screen?

    Use as gentle a touch on your screen as you can. Using s rubber stylus also saves fingerprints.
  18. DonSchaeffer

    I Think I Have An Eating Disorder

    Never diagnose yourself. Go to a doctor!
  19. DonSchaeffer

    Keyboard - Wireless Or Bluetooth?

    Blue tooth takes a lot of battery power. I like a simple wired keyboard that plugs into your USB port. You can get one in a tablet case or loose. They cost less than $10.
  20. DonSchaeffer

    [Review] Irulu 8 Inch Tablet

    The Irulu 8 inch tablet is an excellent carry around tablet. It replaced my HP Tab7. It is narrower than the Samsung 8 inch tablet my girl friend has. So it's really comfortable to handle. The screen is just fine. I think it is comparable to the Samsung tablet in every way. This is a budget...