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    Vonage on the Galaxy Tab?

    I'd want a USB port for a joystick, or USB keyboard when using the tablet at home, etc...
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    Vonage on the Galaxy Tab?

    I can't believe there are no USB ports on the device. Guess I'll pass on this tablet. I'll wait and see how the 10" Viewsonic turns out or if worse comes to worse, I'll wait till the new year and see whats out by then. John
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    Vonage on the Galaxy Tab?

    Hi everyone. I have a question. I'm about ready to go out and pick up the Galaxy Tablet, but I want to know if what I'm hoping to do is actually possible. At home I have Vonage (VoIP) as my phone provider. I remember years ago they had a little USB adapter that allowed you to take your...
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    1080p and HDMI?

    Hi. Does anyone know if the Samsung Tablet will support HD 1080p or 720 quality movies and video? Also, will it have an HDMI out cable so that it can be hooked up to a HDTV so you could use it to watch HD videos on your big screen TV or use the TV or a computer monitor when at home and not...
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    SetCPU underclocks CPU to 600mhz from factory 660mhz

    Hi everyone. I want to make sure I understand this... SetCPU can't currently be used to set the Gentouch CPU to 720 or the advertised 800 MHZ? I'm new to the tablet scene and before I go tinkering with SetCPU I wanted to know if it is possible to get the 720 or 800 MHZ speed out of it...
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    [HELP] Android OS HOW-TO?

    Hello. I'm not sure if this is the right forum for these questions, but since I have a Gentouch, I figured I'd ask here. My questions are on how to do certain thigns in Android. 1. When downloading apps from Google Market or other markets is there a way to copy the install files to your PC...
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    [ROM] Gentouch78 Rooted v0.3 (for v1)

    Ok.... This one is weird. I posted earlier that even after following the instructions in the beginning of this thread and then implementing the Non ugly Market hack I still had no working Google Market. Well, last night out of nowhere the apps that said "Starting download" actually downloaded. I...
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    [ROM] Gentouch78 Rooted v0.3 (for v1)

    Hi. I just followed this process from step 1 which was to Factory Reset my Gentouch. I then installed Lics version of Patch 3 and the second linc file (the zip file) that you run through Clockwork and select the zip file off of the SD card to load the Pirate Android and other apps, etc... I then...
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    [ROM] Gentouch78 Rooted v0.3 (for v1)

    Note: The files I downloaded yesterday from the other thread seem to be the same as the two offered here in Tipstir's initial post in this thread. Oh and in case I forgot... THANKS Tipstir for gathering all this info and placing it here for us newbs. :)
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    [ROM] Gentouch78 Rooted v0.3 (for v1)

    I came across this thread. I followed the instructions and updated my Gentouch. I now have the pirate Android showing upon bootup. What I wanted to ask is this... The Google Market...
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    [NEWBIE] Questions on the Gentouch

    Hi. I've gone from a totally clueless computer technician when it came to tablets and pads to a fairly knowledgeable one in just a week or so. When I first stumbled upon these devices about 1 or 2 weeks ago, I was lost as to what I was actually looking for. In the end I basically wanted a...
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    (TCC8902/Android 2.1/7"/HDMI/1080p/3D) HSG MIDX5 aka Coby Kyros MID7005

    Hi everyone. I'm new here and have spent the last few days searching for many hours for information on the Android 7" tablet market. I went from not even knowing about them a few days ago to pretty knowledgeable on the various sizes, OSes, hardware and software features, etc... Now after ALL...
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    Questions About Android Tablets

    I'd like to ask a few questions and hopefully get them added to the FAQ and of course get answers to the questions as well. Q: I hear it is difficult to use "Android Market Place" on a tablet as the market place does not officially support tablets, only cell phones. Is this true? Q: When you...