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  1. Future_Bringer

    Best Phone For Listening To Music

    Any specific price? If not, then what about getting LG V20 since it has DAC and AMP built in feature. The only problem here might be the price cost too much for me. But, you are not going to find this kind of feature on mediocore or low end smartphone. That is the price if you want get it.
  2. Future_Bringer

    [SOLVED] WiFi Slowly Losing Connection

    Nice to see it then:)
  3. Future_Bringer

    Phones And Their Battery

    I have Samsung Tab 2 which is pretty old right now and the battery seems pretty good because i rarely use it. You are right, every battery life is really depended on the condition and how long we use it.
  4. Future_Bringer

    How To Play .mov Files

    VLC is able to include the patented AC3 codec, but MX Player cannot. I guess that because VLC is free and MX has a paid option. Dolby want to make sure that anyone does not making money from their codec.
  5. Future_Bringer

    Antivirus Apps, Yes Or No?

    Nope, I do not think that Anti Virus is necessary on Android. I am using custom rom and its getting a daily security update. As long as you do not have install any weird app and from the play store, you would be fine. Also make sure that you check the app permission when you installed it, if you...
  6. Future_Bringer

    Need New Android Tablet

    The only thing that keeps me away from that tablet is the price. Even for now the tablet price is still running high, i just hope the price could go down a little and i can get the OS support from Google. Tegra X1 is a pretty amazing chipset for a tablet.
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    Newbie Here!

    Hi Guys nice to see you all here.
  8. Future_Bringer

    How To Root Hyundai E79-A

    Have you tried One Click Root?
  9. Future_Bringer

    Locked Out Of Samsung Galaxy A6

    Is it that they are giving another choice beside than sending it to your number. Have you entered an alternative email? If it not then just bring it to the service center and ask them to reset it.
  10. Future_Bringer

    Lenovo A2110 Stuck In APX Mode

    Your best luck is bringing it to the service center. I have heard that we need a secure Boot key to get it from apx mode.
  11. Future_Bringer

    Educational Games For 3 Year Olds

    LeapTV Dance and Learn is one of the best alternatives apps for kids around 3- 6 years since the app is interactive and encourage the kids to move.
  12. Future_Bringer

    [SOLVED] WiFi Slowly Losing Connection

    Factory reset helps you? Or you could try to open of your tablet and see if all of the cables are on the right place.
  13. Future_Bringer

    New Member

    HI all nice to see you here, I have just joined here.