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  1. livingenzyme

    Thinking of purchasing...

    How is that? Does it work much smoother than the gt?
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    Some questions about the AUGen.

    Everything that I knew the gt couldn't do even before I bought it. I saw the same report as well. If I'm not mistaken, they've already tried the kindle before. The experiment failed miserably. Don't get me wrong. I am all for converting those things to electronic versions. I've recently...
  3. livingenzyme

    Some questions about the AUGen.

    Ok, someone explain this to me. May be I'm just a dumbass or something so I don't understand this. Tablets are toys. They are used for watching movies, checking emails, etc. Any real work we can get done out of a tablet pc is a plus, but it's not a requirement of the tablet. So, why in the...
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    Some questions about the AUGen.

    I just recieved a reply from augen about a ticket I opened 2 weeks ago. That's right, it took them 2 weeks to respond. My question was this. If I've got a device that was not rooted or does not have adb access, how would I go about removing fring? Of course I've already removed mine a long...
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    Some questions about the AUGen.

    Wow, this is the opposite of my rule of thumb for tech purchases. Since everything will be obsolete in 3 months anyway, always always always buy the outdated model.
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    Gentouch 78- USB Connectivity- USB Flash Stick / HDD Drive / Bluetooth/ Card Reader

    Augen support is just absolutely terrible. To give you an idea, 2 weeks ago I opened a ticket asking them if there was a way to remove fring. I already knew the answer as I've removed it a long time ago. I just got a reply (after 2 weeks) that they don't know and that may be apk manager might...
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    Help Pleez Can't turn device off after update attempt on vista 64

    Even if adb reboot works out, I highly doubt it will get past the feet the next time you turn it on. If you have 2 units and they both get screwed up by updating via vista, isn't it obvious that it's the vista that's the problem?
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    Thinking of purchasing...

    DVD2955, the augen gentouch does all of what you want, plus more. There is an app called maildroid that allows you to access all your email accounts simultaneously so you don't have to log in log out log in log out. Between slideme, andappstore, and several other sources of apps, you can...
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    [HELP] Android OS HOW-TO?

    1. Gentouch for dummies. 2. A) All apps are installed in internal. B) No. 3. Hopefully will happen in the near future.
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    [ROM] Gentouch78 Rooted v0.3 (for v1)

    Augen Gentouch78 For Dummies-
  11. livingenzyme

    Rooting Problem Solved

    Well, gee wiz, you didn't need to start a whole new thread. But good job finding this out on your own. Sometimes, I have to remind myself that some things that are obvious aren't so obvious to some other people.
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    [NEWBIE] Questions on the Gentouch

    Holy COW!!! I just checked and IT IS fixed. I didn't even realize this.
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    Rooting Questions and Problems

    Ok, I see you're using x64 win 7? Right after the step where you press "browse my computer for drivers" you need to choose "let me pick from a list of devices blah blah blah". If you get an error message, just close it and continue. If you've had an android device plugged in before, then...
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    Rooting Questions and Problems

    Go to computer property. Go to device manager. right click and uninstall "generic usb hub" that's associated with your gentouch. also right click and uninstall the 3 storage devices that appear when you plug in your gentouch. Unplug your gentouch usb. Replug your gentouch usb. In device manager...
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    Members Personal Reviews on AuGen Gentouch78

    I created a website for fixes and upgrades for average users. Hope it helps some of our less technology literate users out there. Home - Augen Gentouch78 For Dummies