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    [Review] Yoga Tablet 2

    Why do you think so? Can you tell the main points that make you think so?
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    Is Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet worth buying?

    Is this forum alive or dead??? No answers.... no help...
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    Best Android Tablets (November 2014)

    Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact Is quite interesting for me!! I think it is really good device I think it has nice camera, nice battery and processor, man the more I look at tablets the more my choice become bigger)) Now I can not choose between Sony Xperia Z3, Yoga Tablet and Samsung Galaxy...
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    [Review] Yoga Tablet 2

    Wow sounds interesting, is it better than Samsung Galaxy Tab than this one? I am looking for something great!,I looked the description of this Yoga Tablet and I can not make my choice now!!!
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    Is Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet worth buying?

    Hi Folks! Is Samsung Galaxy Tab worth buying? What good has this tablet in comparison with others? I would like to buy one but I am thinking maybe I can find something better for this amount of money!
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    Android User Guide

    Hello, for what should I use this user`s guide? I can not understand frankly speaking, Is it useful thing? I will be very thankful if you provide me with the answer!
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    The One 'Do I Buy This', 'What Do I Buy', 'I'm Looking For' Thread

    Hi, The price 450.00GBP what is GBP here?
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    Galaxy Tab2 Information

    It sounds interesting, is it the best for this price or you can advice something better for this amount of money and I prefer Samsung, I can add 50 more $ Thanks for your replies beforehand
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    Dragon touch tablet

    It is better to ask professionals to help go to a service center because this problem seems to be serious. I had something alike with my Toshiba in one day I simply can not find anything it like deleted all information they told me I caught very serious virus
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    The One 'Do I Buy This', 'What Do I Buy', 'I'm Looking For' Thread

    Hello, I would like to here your recommendations, which tablet can I buy for 300-400$ I need very speedy, for games and work and I would like it to be among Samsung, apple is it possible to buy something good for this amount of money? I do not want it to be very big or heavy! I am from Ukraine
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    Nexus 9 Tablet Already Available for Pre-Order on Amazon

    It looks like good deal, is it possible to order it for Ukrainian citizens?
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    Android L Improves Battery Life by 36% in Ars Technica’s Benchmark

    Wow, it sounds great that battery works much better, that is really big plus in comparison with android 4.4 kit kat
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    Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro

    Everybody keeps silence!!! Hello, is anybody here???))) I am waiting for your thoughts!!!
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    Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro

    I have heard that Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro is a super device. Lets discuss the quality of Samsung tablets and the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro in particular. I hope I will get a lot of thoughts on this point!