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  1. tickler

    USB BlueTooth dongle for Andriod 4.1 Jellybean

    look for "3g dongles" on internet u can find one to fit ur needs .... I hav ordered a Huawei e1750c dongle that will b "unlocked" when I gets here
  2. tickler

    Newbie M532 owner in tears, contemplating Hara Kiri!!!

    slow down there "wild bill" ...try an "American" sim an may b it will fit hav u looked at the "size" of the sim 2 fit it? also check out some of the forums there's help ...u just gotta look! hang on 2 that tablet u'll figure it out ,b paitent.
  3. tickler

    allwinner a23 3g dongle?

    thanks leeshor, I had already checked out that link,guess i'll figure out a plan b (my phone is not a contract phone)
  4. tickler

    allwinner a23 3g dongle?

    I wanted to know if anybody has tried a 3g dongle on allwinner a23 ? if so what would b a good dongle for it? specs are: Basic Information CPU Processor Allwinner A23 ARM Cortex A7 Dual Core, 1.5GHz GPU Mali400MP2 Operating System Android 4.2 Display Size 7" Resolution 800*480 Pixel Touch...