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    Not Downloading Videos

    My tablet is not downloading any videos. It will download pictures no problem, but not videos anywhere, even from the same web site I get the pictures from. There are several links for the videos on this web site for downloading. One for MP4, and one for WMV (I have no clue what these mean...)...
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    Broken screen diagnoses URGENT

    So I dropped my tablet, and now the screen is broken. BUT the glass is not broken, there are no fractures or cracks in the glass at all. This just shows up when I turn it on. I think the touch controls still work because I can see it lighting up where certain buttons and things are. I read...
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    Pictures won't upload from tablet's camera

    Took a picture with m tablet's camera, and it will not upload online. When I click upload on the website, it brings up some Adobe Flash program with no files in it. Help please.
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    How do I activate my cameras?

    When I try to use my cameras built into my tablet, it will not connect for some reason. However, I installed this app a while back that used the back camera and that was working,so they are not broken. Also, is there anyway I can use my cameras as webcams for places like Chatroulette?