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  1. irishpride

    So what do you do on your GTab?

    Im sure just about everyone can agree that a Honeycomb port would be the best thing that could happen to the G Tab. Sent From My GalaxyS
  2. irishpride

    Pleased Velocity Cruz Micro Reader Owner

    For anyone who wants the velocity, don't get it. Spend the extra $75 and get a nook color, it is 10X the device, without any of the issues. Take this from a disappointed former owner of one. Sent From My GalaxyS
  3. irishpride

    A warning to potential buyers. DO NOT BUY! !

    I ended up getting my Mom the NookColor and it is really amazing, night and day when compared to either of the velocity's and for practically the same price(as the tablet anyway). Barnes and Noble really hit a homerun with this one, for anyone looking to get a inexpensive tablet/e-reader, I...
  4. irishpride

    A warning to potential buyers. DO NOT BUY! !

    I bought the cruz reader for my Mom for Christmas and it was the biggest piece of s#!@ that i've ever used. After playing with it for a while, trying to show her how to use it, i wanted to throw it through a wall. It is extremely unresponsive and poorly designed. So on the day after...
  5. irishpride

    Archos News: 43 is shipping and 70/101 update

    Where is the update about the 101 and 70? You just mention them in your post, there is no update. Sent From My Galaxy S
  6. irishpride

    I came across while looking for a tablet and the lineup they have looks pretty good, especially the Touch8 and Touch10, both of which im told have capacitive touch screens. What I was wondering is if anyone has ever heard of this company before and if anyone know whether or...
  7. irishpride

    8 Inch Android 2.2 OS Tablet - Freescale Cortex-A8 (Generic)

    So, is there any kind of real confirmation that the sd card works. Also, does this have a capacitive or resistive touch screen? Having no capacitive will be a deal breaker for most. Sent from my Galaxy S
  8. irishpride

    Free Tablet Giveaway!

    Would be a great addition to my Android lineup!
  9. irishpride

    Upcoming Android Tablets?

    Ok, so I'm looking to get an Android tablet in the next month, or at least when some better options come out. I've done some research, but haven't been able to come up with much, it seems that all that's out there is those apad knockoffs and the Archos 5 or 7. Does anyone know if we can expect...