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  1. LadyAKA

    Nextbook 11.7

    Hi everybody, I got a Nextbook 11 for Mother's Day. Two problems videos won't run No flash on here to work. need flash and is there a software for viruses for tablets that really work and catch things? Thanks
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  3. LadyAKA

    Cruz T408 Power adapter will not charge while on

    Hi everyone I recently purchased a used Cruz T408 and the power cord is not the one that came with it. I have to power off to get it to charge when it does it lasts a good couple of hours. My question is the power adapter that was OEM does it charges while the tablet is on and if so where can...
  4. LadyAKA

    Eken M700 is there firmware for it?

    I am trying to find firmware for a Eken M700 of a tablet? Is this a tablet worth it to update or can it be updated? I am still new to this? Thanks!
  5. LadyAKA

    HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tablet won't turn back on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi everyone, I was using my tablet yesterday no problems later on that night I went to turn it on and I am getting no power, no screen NADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What could it be I was in the mist of updating my firmware and I do remember deleting the one dat file on the SD card but added...
  6. LadyAKA

    Freshman Here ! Hola!

    Hi everyone I am a freshie here but not to the digital world of computers! I have been working on laptops and PC's since the days of floppy disk 5 1/4 was king. LOL But now I am excited to learn on the tips and bells of the tablets world. So any suggestions I am open so far I am getting the...
  7. LadyAKA

    Kindle App and pandigital Novel

    After searching I found an older version of Kindle app link from one of our members that works with PDN and now I have Kindle and Nook both on the 9". GREAT thanks to member double00bond It worked WONDERFULLY! It took some searching through threads but it was worth it now!!!!!
  8. LadyAKA

    Kindle App and pandigital Novel

    Hi I have a Novel 9" tablet and I like my Kindle books on the PC. Is it possible to get the Kindle app on the Pandigital 9" Novel instead of the Nook app? Which I have more ebooks on Kindle than on the Nook app? Just asking if anyone has made it happen? Thanks! :confused:
  9. LadyAKA

    Google Play Store can not access

    Hi everyone I am still trying to get the tablet to work. I have the 9" Novel and I trying the dat update for it to add all the apps and I still have my same apps as before. I tried to load the app via the USB connection and I keep getting an error about the parse package? I have a gmail...
  10. LadyAKA

    Pandigital Novel 9" firmware

    Hi, I just bought a USED Pandigital Novel 9" and I am trying to figure if I have the latest OS on it? and all the bells and whistles. I am still new to this Android market thing LOL . I have read so many problems when it comes to Pandigital I am starting to feel I might not like it. The...