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  1. troygslc

    [SOLVED] Bricked Ematic EGQ307

    rooted and now touch sounds are on even when turned off in settings must mute/vibrate vol to not hear clicks installed audio manager and still same looking for solution want to listen to music while browsing, IM etc any ideas? TIA, troy
  2. troygslc

    Can't Mute Touch Sounds

    after rooting ematic egq307 touch sounds/clicks can't be turned off/muted i can turn down the volume all the way (mute/vibrate) but then unable to listen to music as i browse, IM etc installled audio manager from play store and tried various settings w same results as before installing any and...
  3. troygslc

    [SOLVED] Bricked Ematic EGQ307

    Spider, Thank you for responding I have managed to find the manual for the eq307 however the instructions to factory reset stated to use the volume button the eq307 has no volume button anyway messing with the device and using the reset button on the rear i somehow arrived at a screen w...
  4. troygslc

    [SOLVED] Bricked Ematic EGQ307

    Not sure what happened exactly - was told it was due to an app installed and used "at your own risk" anyway it was new with only a couple hours of use then bricked Is there anything that i can do to recover the tablet or it a pile of spare parts now TIA for any and all replies troy