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    Android Tablet With Turtle-Like Performance

    I did all this but slowdown always comes back after a while. Guess I just need new tablet and avoid Chinese brands, let alone non-brands.
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    Android Tablet With Turtle-Like Performance

    I have a tablet I bought 3 years back from Chinese store. It's PIPO M9 Max and initially it was fast but after a few months performance started to degrade until it was no longer bearable. I mean apps have a delay of 5 seconds to load, browsing has 3 seconds to navigate pages. It has Android...
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    Where to Buy PIPO M9 Max Accessories?

    Good day guys. I need to buy AC EU adapter and USB charging cable for my PIPO M9 Max but don't know where to find responsive and trustworthy online store. * I tried Pipomall but it's been 3 days since I inquired and got no response. Can you recommend something good?
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    What is the best tablet for reading?

    But when lying, can't you place your device on your chest? You can also buy protective leather case and use it as stand in form of triangle.
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    Ainol Novo 7, Aurora 2, or Momo 7 IPS?

    @SpeMall Is Aurora II being discontinued? Do you have one?
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    [REVIEW] Ainol Novo 7 Aurora vs Ainol Novo 7 Elf: Which One Should You Get?

    Can you review Ainol Novo Aurora II which has 4000mAh? I recently heard it will not be produced anymore but what is your take on this?
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    Ainol Novo Aurora II or Ainol Novo Fire/Flame?

    Good day and Happy New Year people! Initially I wanted to get ASUS TF300 on Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping sprees but by waiting more for better deal I supposedly missed a good deal which was $287 (opened box condition). Now I did not really need tablet that bad but just for...
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    [Review] Ainol Novo 7 Flame

    OP any update please? How is it performing for you now? Did you re-flash with different firmware which supposedly fixes most issues?