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    Do Not Buy From ONDA-TABLET.COM

    I bought twice at this site, there is no problem, shipped quickly, good customer service.
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    Huawei MediaPad X2 Android 5.0 3GB 32GB

    Huawei MediaPad X2 has been released. I have purchased MediaPad X2 on the huaweimobileshop website, it supports 4G LTE network and support dual sim card dual standby, moreover, there are two versions for you to choose. One is the standard version of 3GB RAM + 16GB ROM silver mobile, and the...
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    Onda V891w Dual OS Tablet System Switch Setting

    Windows OS Switch to Android OS Enter the main interface after start your tablet, and then click the Desktop at the down-left corner, you will enter into the traditional Windows OS. Click the sign of Android little robot again at the down-left corner, it will pop up a dialog of whether to...
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    Onda V919 3G Air Android 4.4 MT8392 Octa Core Tablet

    Onda V919 3G AIR Review:
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    Onda V919 3G Air Android 4.4 MT8392 Octa Core Tablet

    Onda Electronic has officially released new product - Onda V919 3G Air Octa Core tablet. This 3G tablet comes with a full metal fuselage and a 9.7 inch retina screen, configurated with octa core processor and quad core GPU & 2GB RAM. Moreover, the device is adopting the new IGOZ screen...
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    Huawei honor X1

    Where can I download Huawei honor X1 Android 4.4 firmware?
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    Onda V989

    My Onda V989 tablet can not boot and charged, How to solve this problem? Thank you
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    Huawei honor X1

    Who knows Huawei honor X1 4G LTE when released? Although I have seen in huawei mobile phone website, but did not say specific release date.
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    Onda V975M Mali 450 Octa Core GPU

    Hello everyone! I've been using Onda v802, without any major problems, I recently saw Onda ready to launch Onda V975M, how about this tablet? You can give me some advice?
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    Onda V971 doesn't start... DEAD

    Onda V971Tablet PC Android 4.2.2 V3.0 Firmware
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    Onda V975

    Where have Onda V975 Quad Core Version V3.2.1 V1 Version Firmware?
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    Onda v712 v1 or v2?

    Onda V711s/V712 Tablet PC Android 4.2.2 V3.0 Firmware
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    Android KitKat

    So turns out the next release will not be Key Lime Pie after all They are not releasing any info yet but I'm sure everyone has been hanging for this. Its going to be version 4.4 so maybe nothing too dramatic will change. Also the link at the bottom 'learn more about kitkat' is a trick its all...
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    Onda V975

    Hi, everyone, Onda Series New Product, The Onda V975 Quad core Tablet PC, which with Android 4.2.2 Operating System, use Allwinner A31 Quad Core, ARM Cortex A7,1.0GHz CPU, has a 9.7 Inch 2048*1536 Retina Screen , RAM 1GB+ROM 16GB, Support Dual Camera HDMI WIFI , Multi-Touch ,HDMI , external 3G...
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    Onda V712 Dual Core New Firmware 2.1 for the V1 and V2

    i found problem when battery lower 50 percent i cannot turn on i must connect adapter charger than turn on and total time for use 2 hours 8 min.
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    Onda v802

    Hello! I recently bought a Onda v802. I was wondering if anybody knows why I can't connect to the google play store or Google in general. Anything with https://. I read it was something to do with the hosts file but is there anything else that causes this issue. Also anybody else buy it or did...
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    What Do You Think About Your Onda Tablet?

    I want to buy Onda V973, how about this tablet?
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    Onda V973

    Just battery difference? Both the difference between the price of $30.
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    Onda V973

    What is the main difference in specification between version v972 and v973? Is it display panel brand and camera? Other stuff which different? Please let me know in detail, so I can decide. Thank you