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    Clearing Space On Android Tablet

    Thanks for the advice, everyone.
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    Clearing Space On Android Tablet

    I don't know anything about android tablets, so I'd appreciate some advice, please. A friend of a friend's android tablet is running out of storage space, and I was asked to clear some space on it. I don't know what tablet it is exactly (I wrote it down and lost the paper), but it's a Samsung...
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    Is there any way to fix this, please?

    I have a 16GB JXD S7800b, and I decided to add custom firmware to it, mainly to fix the tiny program storage space, but also to increase the CPU speed. Anyway, I first rooted it (using the method in and it worked great. I then...
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    Complete beginner - please help answer some questions

    I've just bought an Android tablet (a JXD S7800b, with built in physical game controls, and it's fantastic!), and since I know almost nothing about Android, I have some questions which I hope can be answered here. 1. Do I need to install a virus killer, firewall, etc, or are they all built...