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    Dragon Touch

    Model DTR10 JCR118D113081701221 I have the above model Dragon touch. When connected to my computer, I get "Rockchip" How do I find which version? More importantly can I load a MS based App? Namely a Hantek PC based Oscilloscope. Any help will be appreciated
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    Huawei M-2 801W

    While I was in China my step son bought me one of these tablets, we have it to where most of it is in English now but there are many apps, I guess they are that are still in Chinese, Is there a way to remove all those apps and get every thing in English, it has many things that would be useful...
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    Some suggested apps to find lost phone

    As I know, when your phone is lost, you can use some apps to find it against. Now, I want to show some of them: 1. Find My Lost Phone : contains a superior phone tracker tool and uses state-of-the-art GPS navigational technology to locate lost or stolen phones. It is the essential app for anyone...
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    How To Backup Tablet Data To Computer?

    I am looking for an solution to backup the data I am concerned such as messages, photos and media library instead of a while backup. Also, I prefer to back up those data on a computer other than cloud service as the internet connect is not good in here. Any ideal?