black screen

  1. Eliminator

    Screen won't come on.

    One morning when I woke up my Xoom was off, and I could not power it up. I held the power button for 30 sec, nothing, hand vol up + pwr for 15 sec, nothing, vol down + pwr for 15 sec, nothing. I can put it in the charger and it shows the white lite, then after a while it turns green, but thats...
  2. W

    Tablet Screen Randomly Goes Black

    Hi everyone, I had this samsung galaxy note tab 10.1 for a few years now, and it still works fine. But, randomly,specially when my screen is turned to highest brightness, and/or when I am using a internet app to browse internet/playing games etc, the screen randomly turns black(as in sometimes...
  3. J

    Black Screen

    My screen went black, but the tablet obviously turns on because I can see the back arrow and menu symbol at the bottom of the screen. I saw a youtube video re: removing the screen, unplugging the connection cable and re-attaching it, which seems to be a common problem. A question: How can I...