1. K

    Possibly I've damaged CWM recovery?

    I'm hoping someone can assist determining whether I've destroyed the OS and even damaged recovery, or if there's something simple in recovery I'm forgetting to do. Some months ago, I bricked a Lenovo A2109 tablet. I was tired and frustraited and managed to screw things up pretty good. I boxed...
  2. K

    A2109: problem recovering to a valid Android OS

    Some months ago, I bricked a Lenovo A2109. I was tired, frustrated and managed to screw things up pretty good. I boxed the tablet for another day. A year later, it's another day, and I hope to re-activate this tablet. Here's what I've attempted today: Power on, obtain the black & white Lenovo...
  3. I

    Help to unblock Trio Tablet

    Hello, I have an android trio stealth g4 7" tablet. I recently tried to install a custom rom using the clockwork rom manager but it seems that rom has corrupted the device. The device starts up and won't load past the Trio :) splash screen. Is this a soft or hard brick? I tried to get into...
  4. oliverosM

    Coby Kyros MID9742-8 Goes Black

    Hi guys I have these Coby tablet which i bricked and recover from a stock image, but my problem is that after finishing loading(After the android word), the screen goes black and it stays like that, i tried a lot of ways to solve that even try to make a bootable sd card with cwm but it didn't...