1. SAL T

    Asus Zenpad 10 - Hard Reset

    Hello guys, I wonder if you help before I lose my mind :( I have an Asus Zenpad 10, which my elderly father wants to use after having been in the draw for a few years. We cant remember the gmail account he used to use and after following the reset instructions, it still keeps asking for us to...
  2. J

    What Brand Is My Tablet?

    Hey people! I need some help. I just found this age old tablet (around 2012) which I bought from China or somewhere in my garage, and figured it'd be jokes to try it out. It's bricked, and I can't open the Android. I can access the recovery menu though, but that's all. In order for me to...
  3. pb5525

    Nobis ROM Needed

    Hi there, I am working on getting this 9" tablet fixed, I have looked everywhere. You have to be a REAL guru to get this one right. The Nobis 9" has a problem when you turn it on it is bricked into the start up "Nobis" screen. It is a Chinese no-name type of tablet board is "EM_M69 V1.2" the...
  4. V

    Huawei M-2 801W

    While I was in China my step son bought me one of these tablets, we have it to where most of it is in English now but there are many apps, I guess they are that are still in Chinese, Is there a way to remove all those apps and get every thing in English, it has many things that would be useful...