1. Droem

    ROMS for Coby Kyros MID1042

    Anyone of y’all got any good ROMS for the Coby MID1042? I will take any suggestions! Thanks!
  2. R

    Rom for MID7125

    I need a ROM for Coby Kyros tablet , install a different and touch me does not work , I need a custom rom for this tablet, or having default rom , please , I have already reviewed the KMZ forum for Coby , but I get nothing because teng to be a member , and no active my account and also get...
  3. oliverosM

    Coby Kyros MID9742-8 Goes Black

    Hi guys I have these Coby tablet which i bricked and recover from a stock image, but my problem is that after finishing loading(After the android word), the screen goes black and it stays like that, i tried a lot of ways to solve that even try to make a bootable sd card with cwm but it didn't...
  4. A

    Coby Kyros 9742-8 Help

    Hi guys sorry for my bad english ok lets go i try to flahs this tablet model but.. i very stupid person.. and dont make a copy of my rom.. ok in the first install i try install mobiz 9742 v2 rom but .. the system dont work, boot perfect but dont display any image after the android logo...