hard reset

  1. SAL T

    Asus Zenpad 10 - Hard Reset

    Hello guys, I wonder if you help before I lose my mind :( I have an Asus Zenpad 10, which my elderly father wants to use after having been in the draw for a few years. We cant remember the gmail account he used to use and after following the reset instructions, it still keeps asking for us to...
  2. H

    Hard Reset CMP733-BUN iCraig

    Is it possible to do a hard reset to factory defaults on a iCraig where the user has forgotten the password?
  3. K

    If tablet won't boot, can I b/u pics so not lost before hard reset?

    Love love love my Sony Xperia Tablet SGPT 1211. However, I cannot get it to boot up. Stuck in loop with the purple ribbons on screen. Tried "soft reset" with no luck. After much searching it appears I should perform "hard reset". Hard to believe I have not backed up my pictures.....lots of...