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    No Control When Using HDMI Cable

    I have a Hyhundai Hera 10.1 and recently thought I would use my TV so bought a HDMI cable. When I plug this is the tablet screen goes black and the Tv mirrors / duplicates the tablet. Great, but on touching the tablet screen no cursor appears or control. Does the touch screen stop when...
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    Connecting Galaxy Tab 2 To Monitor Or TV

    Hi Everyone! I'm trying to connect my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 to my desktop monitor. I bought a multiport adapter that hosts: 1 USB 1 Micro USB 2.0 1 VGA 1 HDMI Audio In Audio Out - Here's the actual adapter: Jave Screen Mirroring S8-pro HDMI/ VGA for Iphone IOS 8 /Android 5.0 Or Above Devices...
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    tablet to vertical tv monitor screen?

    Hello, I have a question concerning my synchronization of my tablet with my tv monitor screen. I need to get my android tablet on my vertical tv monitor screen (Philips) with a HDMI cable. I've tried with apps, but I can't get the right rotation stand on my tv... Every time I try to rotate (so...
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    Proscan tablet and hdmi connection

    I have a Proscan PLT9604. I have purchased a micro usb to hdmi gongle so that I might connect to my tv. It is not registering the change in the output. (It will not see the source) Might the cable be faulty or is Proscan not able to read the hdmi output? I have been able to connect to the...