1. pb5525

    Nobis ROM Needed

    Hi there, I am working on getting this 9" tablet fixed, I have looked everywhere. You have to be a REAL guru to get this one right. The Nobis 9" has a problem when you turn it on it is bricked into the start up "Nobis" screen. It is a Chinese no-name type of tablet board is "EM_M69 V1.2" the...
  2. G

    Root and ROMs for the Nobis NB7850S?

    Staples literally sold millions of the Nobis NB7850S, a 7.75" tablet with 1024x768 screen and a sturdy aluminum back. Not at all a flyweight piece of junk. Yet it's gotten zero attention from the Android dev and hacking community, and no updates from its manufacturer. However they did replace a...