proscan tablet

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    Help! 0 Memory Problem

    Hi, so, i dont know where else to ask this but... I have had this PLT8235G PROSCAN Android Tablet for a whial, and my sister broke it... what happened is, if froze on blue screen every time i turned it on, and i had to let it die, or hit the rest button. BUT i DID fix that problem, i flashed it...
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    Proscan tablet and hdmi connection

    I have a Proscan PLT9604. I have purchased a micro usb to hdmi gongle so that I might connect to my tv. It is not registering the change in the output. (It will not see the source) Might the cable be faulty or is Proscan not able to read the hdmi output? I have been able to connect to the...
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    Proscan Tablet PLT 8233G

    I have forgotten my password and need to factory reset. I've searched the internet and found several sites but I can't get the screen to come up that I need to reset.